Form 8822 b instructions

Change of Address or Responsible Party - Business is the title of form 8822-b. Every form has a set of the instructions that makes the process of filing easier and less painful for an applicant. Consequently, there are recommendations for interested parties. For better understanding, read more about the notion of a responsible party.

If you are going to declare the change of your home address online, you should use the standard form 8822.

IRS form 8822-b, however, enables applicants to inform a relevant agency about a change of a business mailing address, the location of the corporation or even the identifying information of the business. All individuals who are engaged in a certain trade that has been moved to another territory are to fill out the statement.

As soon as the address is altered, the process takes about 4-6 weeks. Before submission, make sure you provide a copy of a power of attorney for relevant authority.

There is a requirement to note a company’s old address on the 8822-b form. Along with that, the form should include the identification number and name of the business. Moreover, there is a requirement to mention if the company is of a tax-exempt type or not.

The IRS always posts all future developments considering Change of Address or Responsible Party - Business on its website. Thus, in case of changes to the regulations, the applicants can find notifications there.

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