Form 8822-B: What is it and who needs to file it?

Form 8822 b is specially designed for individuals who have to change their business mailing address. The full title of the statement is Change of Address or Responsible Party - Business. There are several terms to be aware of.

The first and the most important one is a responsible party. It is considered to be an individual who possesses full control over the finances or assets in the organization which enables him to monitor and administer the entity either directly or indirectly. The disposition of these funds is also one of the duties of this party.

Carefully fill in the IRS form 8822-b. There is a lot of information to include. The key data includes the mailing addresses. There is a line to type the apartment, suite number, room, and P.O. box. A valid social security number, employment identification number, and the name of the business must be signified as well.

There is a requirement to provide the information about tax returns in the form. The Internal Revenue Service confirms that details are strictly confidential and protected from any third parties.

An electronic signature is an important part of the statement. Owners, administrators, authorized representatives, payers of taxes, general partners, officers, and fiduciaries need to sign the 8822-b online.

All applicants can find detailed instructions and guides considering Change of Address or Responsible Party - Business on the IRS site. It is necessary to send the completed form to the IRS (the Department of Treasury). Make sure that all fields are completed correctly and the letter of attorney is provided along with the form. It will be processed within approximately 4-6 weeks.

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