How to notify the IRS of a filing address change?

All business owners and individuals who have moved from the office to another corporate building should report this change to the IRS. Form 8822 b is designed for such occasions.

Let’s check out all peculiarities of the statement and investigate the instructions for those who are not aware of how to file it.

The statement includes many lines. All applicants must describe the issues that will be affected by changing the address (business location, employment, excise, revenue, or other returns). Then, there are the spaces in the IRS form 8822-b for signifying the entitling of the corporation and the employment identification number.

Two critical fields are “Old mailing address” and “New mailing address/addresses”. This is the key information included in the form and adding these details is required to sign a document online. An applicant writes a date and a title near the signature.

The statement includes notes on the back for successful submission. There are two addresses of the IRS to send the form to: Cincinnati, OH 45999-0023 and Ogden, UT 84201-0023. Which address you send the document to depends on the region of your business premises. The list of all locations and their designated destination address is also in the 8822-b form.

In case you have questions about the process of filing the document, you can send your feedback to the IRS managers and get an explanation. You can do this either online or using the following address: Internal Revenue Service, Tax Forms and Publications Division, 1111 Constitution Ave. NW, IR-6526, Washington, DC 20224. This is only for comments, not for the submission of the Change of Address or Responsible Party - Business form.

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