Use Form 8822-B to notify the IRS of a Change of Address or Responsible Party

The Internal Revenue Service requires all business owners to report the change of a corporate office address. IRS form 8822-b is used for declaring the above-mentioned modification. If you have never used this statement before, check out the instructions.

Change of Address or Responsible Party — Business is the whole title of the form. All organizations that have a federal EIN (employment identification number) are to file the form and submit it directly to the IRS. It is obligatory to inform the IRS of any changes to your location.

8822 b online form includes many points. Mainly, an applicant has to file and send it, mentioning the social security number and the previous address of the company (estate, trust, corporation, etc.). If necessary, type the contact information, including the telephone number, fax number, and email.

All tax exempt organizations have to sign the form as well and should pay close attention as there are special boxes designed for this category of organizations. Sometimes, it is also requested to submit form SS-4. Since the 1st of January in 2014, all taxpayers have had to use this form.

Fortunately, there are no any penalties if an organization fails to fill out 8822-b properly. However, there is some risk for the organizations which fail to submit the statement to the IRS. The agency needs the valid mailing address and the location of the company to know where to send a request for taxes.

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