AF Form 724-A – Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 724-A – Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum – The Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum, or AF Form 724-A, is an important document for members of the US Air Force. It serves to provide additional information on the individual’s performance and assess their overall readiness for duty. The addendum is used by commanders to ensure that airmen are well trained and up to date with their skills and knowledge.

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Form Number AF Form 724-A
Form Title Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum
File Size 170 KB
Date 13-01-2021

What is an AF Form 724-A?

The AF Form 724-A, also known as the Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum, is a document used by the United States Air Force to evaluate and provide feedback to airmen. The form is used in conjunction with the AF Form 931 or 932, which are the Performance Feedback forms, to create a comprehensive assessment of an airman’s job performance.

The AF Form 724-A covers several areas such as leadership skills, training proficiency, career progression goals and personal development. Airmen are required to fill out this form periodically throughout their career, usually during annual evaluations or after significant events such as promotions or reassignments.

This form is essential for assessing an airman’s strengths and weaknesses and identifying areas where they may need additional training or guidance. It also provides valuable feedback for supervisors to help them better understand their subordinates’ capabilities and work towards developing effective strategies for improving overall performance. Ultimately, the AF Form 724-A plays a critical role in supporting the mission readiness of the United States Air Force by ensuring that its members are well-trained and equipped to carry out their duties effectively.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 724-A?

AF Form 724-A, the Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum, is a document used by the United States Air Force to evaluate and assess individual airmen’s performance. It is designed to capture information on an airman’s progress since their last assessment and highlights areas where improvements can be made. The form consists of two parts: Part I, which focuses on an airman’s duty performance and potential, and Part II, which covers their professional development.

The purpose of AF Form 724-A is to provide supervisors with a comprehensive snapshot of an airman’s abilities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, potential for growth, and overall performance. This information allows supervisors to create tailored training plans that help each airman reach their full potential while improving overall unit readiness. Additionally, the form helps identify areas in which an airman may need additional support or resources.

Overall, AF Form 724-A ensures that every airman receives fair feedback on their progress towards achieving goals set forth in previous assessments while providing valuable insights into what needs improvement moving forward. With this documentation in hand, both supervisors and airmen can work together to develop targeted action plans that promote personal growth and career progression within the U.S. Air Force.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 724-A?

If you are looking for an AF Form 724-A or Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum, the easiest way to find it is through the Air Force e-publishing website. This website provides a searchable database of all Air Force forms, publications, and directives. To access the form, simply enter “AF Form 724-A” in the search bar on the homepage.

Once you have located the form, you can download it in PDF format and print as many copies as needed. Alternatively, if you have access to online military forms management software such as Adobe FormsCentral, you can fill out and submit the form electronically without having to print it out.

It is important to note that this form is used for performance evaluations of airmen and should only be accessed by authorized personnel with proper clearance levels. If you have any questions regarding accessing or completing this form, consult with your unit’s human resources department or supervisory chain of command.

AF Form 724-A – Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum

The Airman Comprehensive Assessment (ACA) is a vital element of the United States Air Force’s personnel evaluation system. It serves as an opportunity for supervisors to provide feedback on their subordinates’ performance, identify potential strengths and weaknesses, and establish goals for future improvement. The ACA process involves various forms and documents, including the AF Form 724-A – Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum.

The AF Form 724-A is an essential component of the ACA process, designed to capture specific information about an airman’s performance in various areas such as leadership abilities, work quality, mission accomplishment, professionalism, self-improvement efforts, and more. The form also contains sections where a supervisor can provide comments and suggestions related to each assessment area. Additionally, it incorporates space for both the supervisor and airman to sign off on the completed assessment.

It’s crucial that supervisors take the time to complete this form accurately and in-depth so that they can provide meaningful feedback to their subordinates. This document helps facilitate open communication between superiors and junior service members while ensuring that everyone receives a fair evaluation based on merit. Ultimately, by using forms like AF Form 724-A during the ACA process, leaders can create teams with solid foundations built upon trust through transparency in evaluations.

AF Form 724-A Example

AF Form 724-A - Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum Part 1
AF Form 724-A – Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum Part 1
AF Form 724-A - Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum Part 2
AF Form 724-A – Airman Comprehensive Assessment Addendum Part 2