REG 104 – Notice – Removal Of Abandoned Vehicle

FINDERDOC.COMREG 104 – Notice – Removal Of Abandoned Vehicle – Abandoned vehicles are an eyesore and a nuisance to many communities. Removing these vehicles is often expensive and difficult. Fortunately, the California Vehicle Code provides a way for local governments to have abandoned vehicles removed. This article will outline the process of REG 104 – Notice Removal Of Abandoned Vehicle, which is used by local law enforcement in California to facilitate the removal of abandoned vehicles from public property or private property with permission of owner.

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Form Number REG 104
Form Title Notice – Removal Of Abandoned Vehicle
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What is a REG 104 Form?

REG 104 is a form used by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to remove an abandoned vehicle from a property. This form must be filled out and submitted to the DMV before any action can be taken to remove an abandoned vehicle. The form requires the owner or keeper of the property to provide information about themselves, including their name, address, phone number, and driver’s license or identification number. It also requires details about the abandoned car such as its license plate number, make and model, year and color.

Once completed and submitted to the DMV for processing, REG 104 initiates a process that involves notifying the registered owner of the vehicle in order for them to reclaim it or arrange for its removal from your property. This includes sending them a Notice of Abandoned Vehicle letter that gives them 30 days to contact you regarding their plans for dealing with it.

What Is The Purpose of REG 104 Form?

The REG 104 form serves as a legal document for the removal of an abandoned vehicle in California. This form is filled out and signed by the tow truck operator, who removes the vehicle from its location. The information on the form includes details about the vehicle and how it was removed from its location, including whether it was towed or pushed.

Once completed, this form must be sent to both local law enforcement and to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Local law enforcement will use it to identify any violations that may have occurred with regards to parking laws or any other applicable statutes. The DMV then uses it in order to track vehicles that have been abandoned. In addition, this information is used when someone wishes to reclaim their vehicle after it has been towed away.

Where Can I Find a REG 104 Form?

If you need to fill out a REG 104 form, the easiest way to find one is through your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Each state has its own version of the form and all are available online or at your local DMV office. The REG 104 form is also known as Notice Removal Of Abandoned Vehicle and must be filled out in order for vehicles that have been abandoned on public property to be legally removed from their location.

In addition to visiting your local DMV office, you can also find a copy of the REG-104 form online on most state government websites. Once you’ve located it, simply print out the document and fill it in with all of the necessary information such as make, model and year of vehicle being removed as well as information about who is responsible for its removal.

REG 104 – Notice – Removal Of Abandoned Vehicle

REG 104 – Notice Removal Of Abandoned Vehicle is an important piece of legislation that applies to all states in the United States. It requires any public agency or private tow service that removes abandoned vehicles from a public right-of-way to provide written notice of such removal at least five days prior to doing so. This notice must include details about the vehicle’s make, model and license plate number, as well as its location and date of removal. Additionally, it must also contain information on how owners can retrieve their vehicle if it has been towed away.

The purpose of this law is to protect potential car-owners from having their cars removed without proper notification or consent. It also ensures that individuals are aware when their vehicles have been taken away and encourages them to take action accordingly by getting in touch with the relevant authorities or tow services to reclaim them.

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