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FINDERDOC.COMREG 135 – Bill Of Sale – Whether you’re buying or selling a vehicle, completing the REG 135 – Bill of Sale is an important part of the process. As a legally binding document, the bill of sale provides proof that the buyer has accepted ownership of a vehicle and serves as a record for both parties. It also helps to establish ownership in case there are any disputes further down the road. This article will provide an overview of what is included on a REG 135 – Bill of Sale as well as some tips to ensure you complete it correctly.

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Form Number REG 135
Form Title Bill Of Sale
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What is a REG 135 Form?

A REG 135 form (also known as a California DMV Bill of Sale) is an official document that’s required when transferring ownership of a vehicle in the state of California. It serves as proof to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that the buyer has purchased the vehicle from the seller, and it must be completed by both parties before any title transfers can be processed. The REG 135 form includes information such as: the make, model, year, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), license plate number, and odometer reading for both vehicles; signatures from both parties; and valid identification numbers for both parties.

In some cases, additional documents may need to be submitted with a REG 135 form when transferring ownership. These include proof of valid registration or smog certification if applicable, and a lien release if there are outstanding loans on the vehicle.

What is the Purpose of REG 135 Form?

REG 135 form, also known as a Bill of Sale, is used to document the transfer of ownership of a vehicle from one party to another. It is typically used when buying or selling a vehicle in California and must be completed properly in order for the transaction to be valid. The purpose of this form is to provide both parties with proof that the sale occurred, and it includes information such as the name and address of both buyer and seller, the odometer reading on the vehicle at time of sale, and details about what was included in the sale (such as accessories).

The REG 135 form serves an important legal purpose; if any disputes arise after the sale has been completed, having this documentation will help settle any issues quickly. It also provides protections against fraud by ensuring that all terms are agreed upon between buyer and seller before exchange.

Where Can I Find a REG 135 Form?

The REG 135 form is an important document when transferring ownership of a vehicle from one party to another. It serves as legal evidence that the transaction actually took place and can be used for filing taxes or registering the vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The first step in obtaining a REG 135 form is to contact your local DMV office, where you can pick up a copy free of charge. The DMV also provides instructions on how to complete the form correctly and answers any questions you may have about filling it out. You may also find REG 135 forms online in PDF format, which can be printed and completed by hand, or filled out electronically using Adobe Reader software. Additionally, many auto shops, notary offices, law firms and banks offer copies of this form as well.

REG 135 – Bill Of Sale

The REG 135 – Bill of Sale is a document issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the transfer of ownership for a vehicle. It is used to legally record the transfer of ownership from one person to another, and to collect registration fees from the new owner. The form must be filled out and signed by both parties involved in the transaction, as well as any lien holders on the vehicle. The form also records important information such as make, model, body type, year, VIN number, odometer reading and purchase price.

Once completed and signed by all parties involved in the transaction it must be submitted to a local DMV office along with other required documents such as proof of valid insurance coverage or smog certification.

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