REG 139 – Vehicle Emission System Statement (SMOG)

FINDERDOC.COMREG 139 – Vehicle Emission System Statement (SMOG) – The Vehicle Emission System Statement (SMOG) is a requirement for vehicles registered in the State of California. This document is issued by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) and outlines emission system requirements for vehicles. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the REG 139 – Vehicle Emission System Statement (SMOG). It will explain what the form entails, who needs to complete it and how to obtain a copy. Additionally, it will provide helpful information regarding related forms and documents that may be required during vehicle registration or renewal processes.

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Form Number REG 139
Form Title Vehicle Emission System Statement (SMOG)
File Size 40 KB
Form By California DMV Form

What is a REG 139 Form?

A REG 139 form is an official document used by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair to certify that a vehicle has passed emissions testing. The form serves as proof that a vehicle meets the state’s air quality standards and is legally allowed to be registered and driven on California roads. The form must be completed by a licensed smog technician who has conducted the required emissions tests on the vehicle.

The REG 139 form contains important information regarding the make, model, and year of the vehicle as well as its current registration status. It also includes details about which specific emission tests have been performed, along with any necessary repairs or adjustments made to ensure that all requirements were met. Once complete, it must be signed by both parties – the smog technician and either the owner of record or their agent – in order for it to be accepted by DMV offices for registration purposes.

What is the Purpose of REG 139 Form?

The purpose of the REG 139 form is to provide California vehicle owners and registered operators with a statement from a certified smog station that their vehicle has passed an emissions test. The REG 139 form is also known as the Vehicle Emission System Statement (SMOG), and it is required for registering and renewing your vehicle registration in California.

In order to obtain a valid REG 139 form, you must have your car tested at a California Smog Check station. During the inspection, the technician will check various components of your vehicle’s emissions system, such as the catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, fuel injectors, and exhaust pipes. If any of these elements are not functioning properly or are missing entirely, then you may need to make repairs or replace parts before passing the smog check test.

Where Can I Find a REG 139 Form?

The Vehicle Emission System Statement (or SMOG) is an important document that many vehicle owners are required to have in order to register their vehicles. REG 139 is a specific vehicle emission system statement form issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This article will discuss the purpose of REG 139 and how to obtain it from the DMV.

REG 139 – Vehicle Emission System Statement (SMOG)

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires that all vehicles registered in the state have a REG 139 – Vehicle Emission System Statement (SMOG). This document must be submitted to the DMV as part of the registration process. The statement confirms that a vehicle has had its emissions systems tested and meets all applicable air quality standards.

In order to obtain a SMOG certification, vehicle owners must take their cars to an approved smog check station where they will receive an official inspection report and approval stamp. Upon successful completion of this process, the emission system statement can then be filled out and filed with the DMV. This document is valid for two years before requiring renewal.

Failure to submit this statement may result in delays when renewing or transferring your vehicle’s registration, or worse, potential fines from law enforcement if driving without proper documentation.

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