REG 5060 – Year Model Disclosure Statement

FINDERDOC.COMREG 5060 – Year Model Disclosure Statement – For dealerships and automobile buyers alike, staying in compliance with the current laws regarding year model disclosure is a must. REG 5060 – Year Model Disclosure Statement is designed to ensure that all parties involved have the proper information for their transactions. This article will provide an overview of what is included in the statement, its purpose and legal requirements in regard to its use. It should be noted that although this regulation applies to California dealerships, other states may have similar regulations.

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Form Number REG 5060
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What is a REG 5060 Form?

A REG 5060 form, also known as the Year Model Disclosure Statement, is a document required by law in California for new and used motor vehicle sales. It must be filled out by both the buyer and seller to provide proof of the year, make, model and body type of a vehicle. The information on this statement is also necessary to report sales tax associated with the transaction.

The REG 5060 form includes sections for both parties to enter details about the vehicle being purchased or sold such as its Vin number, date of sale, odometer reading at time of sale (if applicable), year, make and model identification numbers. In addition, buyers and sellers must check off boxes describing the condition of the car (new or used) as well as whether it is considered an environmental smoke-emitting motor vehicle or not.

What is the Purpose of the REG 5060 Form?

REG 5060 is a form issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. It is used to document the year and model of vehicles sold in California. The purpose of this form is to protect consumers who purchase vehicles from dealerships within the state, ensuring that they are getting what they pay for.

The REG 5060 must be filled out completely by both the buyer and seller before any vehicle sale can be completed in California. This includes providing information such as the make and model, engine displacement, odometer reading, seat belt information, and other features that may have been modified on the vehicle. The seller must also note any existing damage or other issues with the vehicle at the time of sale. By filling out this form accurately, it ensures that consumers have all necessary paperwork to prove their ownership rights should any legal disputes arise regarding their purchase down the road.

Where Can I Find a REG 5060 Form?

The REG 5060 form is an important document for vehicle owners in California. It’s used to register a vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), as well as request information about its year model and other details. Fortunately, it’s easy to find the form online.

The easiest way to find the REG 5060 is through the DMV website, which can be accessed at Once on this page, scroll down until you see “REG 5060 – Year Model Disclosure Statement” listed among the forms available for download. Clicking on this link will take you directly to a copy of the form that can be saved onto your computer or printed out for use later.

In addition to finding it online, you can also get a REG 5060 from any DMV office near you during regular business hours.

REG 5060 – Year Model Disclosure Statement

REG 5060 – Year Model Disclosure Statement requires dealers to provide a buyer with an accurate vehicle’s year and model when agreeing on a purchase. This statement, established by the Federal Trade Commission in 1975, is designed to protect consumers from being misled about the age of a car they are buying. By providing this document, dealers must disclose any major discrepancies between what is advertised and what is actually sold.

This disclosure statement must include certain information such as the manufacturer’s name, model name or number, type of body style and year of production. Dealers must also indicate any aftermarket modifications that would affect performance or safety ratings such as changes to engine size or transmission type. In addition, they must provide full details of all repairs done on the vehicle since its manufacture including any parts replaced due to wear or damage.

REG 5060 Form Example

REG 5060 - Year Model Disclosure Statement
REG 5060 – Year Model Disclosure Statement