REG 712 – Application for Special Motorcycle Transportation Permit

FINDERDOC.COMREG 712 – Application for Special Motorcycle Transportation Permit – Transportation of motorcycles can be a tricky endeavor, as there are certain regulations and permits that must be obtained in order to do so. REG 712 is one such permit, which allows the transport of motorcycles over state or provincial lines. This article will provide comprehensive information about REG 712 and how to apply for it. It will discuss the documents needed for application, the process for obtaining the permit, potential fees associated with it, and any other relevant information.

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Form Number REG 712
Form Title Application for Special Motorcycle Transportation Permit
File Size 427 KB
Form By California DMV Form

What is a REG 712 Form?

REG 712 Form is an application for a Special Motorcycle Transportation Permit issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The form allows motorcycle owners to transport their motorcycles without obtaining a trailer or commercial truck. This permit is required when transporting a motorcycle over long distances and can be used for multiple trips within California. The form must include information about the vehicle, including its make, model, year, license plate number and current registration details. Additional details include the name and address of the owner as well as the destination and planned route for transportation.

Once all necessary information has been submitted to the DMV along with a fee, they will issue an approval letter that includes any additional instructions that must be followed during transportation.

What is the Purpose of the REG 712 Form?

The REG 712 form is an application for a special motorcycle transportation permit. This type of permit allows the holder to transport their motorcycle in some cases where it would otherwise be prohibited by law. The purpose of the REG 712 form is to provide a safe and convenient way for individuals to transport their motorcycles between various locations, such as private property or repair shops.

The application process for the REG 712 form involves submitting pertinent information about the motorcycle, such as year, make, model, VIN number, and other details that are necessary for determining whether or not the vehicle can be transported legally. After submitting this information, applicants must wait until they receive permission from their local Department of Motor Vehicles before transporting their motorcycles. It should also be noted that some states may require additional documentation in order to obtain a special transportation permit.

Where Can I Find a REG 712 Form?

Finding the REG 712 form is easy. The form is available in both paper and electronic formats for free from the California Department of Motor Vehicles website. To download the form, navigate to and search for “REG 712”. Once you find it, click on it to open and then select either download or print a copy as needed.

In addition to downloading the form online, applicants can also obtain a paper copy of REG 712 at any local DMV office. For convenience, it is recommended that you call ahead before visiting your local office in order to ensure they have copies readily available.

If you need help completing your application after obtaining the REG 712 form, DMV staff will be happy to answer any questions or provide guidance during their operating hours.

REG 712 – Application for Special Motorcycle Transportation Permit

The REG 712 – Application for Special Motorcycle Transportation Permit is an essential form for anyone looking to transport a motorcycle from one place to another. This form serves as the necessary legal document that will allow individuals to move their vehicle safely and efficiently. The application requires information on the dimensions of the motorcycle and its weight, as well as any special instructions or rules associated with its transportation.

In order to complete the REG 712, applicants must provide details about the motorcycle’s make, model, year, and VIN number. Applicants are also required to furnish proof of insurance coverage and sign a liability waiver before submitting the application. Once all of this information is provided, an inspector will be sent out to inspect the bike before it can be transported. Upon successful inspection and approval by authorities, individuals can then receive their permit in writing or electronically via email or fax.

REG 712 Form Example

REG 712 - Application for Special Motorcycle Transportation Permit
REG 712 – Application for Special Motorcycle Transportation Permit