AF 911 Form – Enlisted Performance Report (Msgt Thru Smsgt)

FINDERDOC.COMAF 911 Form – Enlisted Performance Report (Msgt Thru Smsgt) – The Air Force Enlisted Performance Report (AFEPR) is the primary method used by supervisors to evaluate and document a service member’s performance. The AFEPR is a critical part of the enlisted promotion process, as it is used to determine if an individual should be promoted or not. It is also used for many other administrative actions such as Permanent Change of Station, duty assignments, awards and decorations, and training opportunities.

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Form Number AF 911 Form
Form Title Enlisted Performance Report (Msgt Thru Smsgt)
File Size 79 KB
Date 31-07-2015

What is an AF 911 Form?

The AF 911 Form, also known as the Enlisted Performance Report (Msgt Thru Smsgt), is an evaluation tool used by the United States Air Force to assess the performance of enlisted personnel. The form includes information about the individual’s job performance, leadership abilities, and overall effectiveness in their role within the unit. These evaluations are conducted annually for all enlisted personnel in grades E-7 through E-9.

The AF 911 form plays a critical role in career progression for those serving in these positions. It serves as a primary factor in determining promotions and assignments, making it imperative that individuals perform at their best throughout the review period. The form is completed by supervisors who have direct knowledge of an individual’s work and accomplishments during the review period.

While completing this form can be time-consuming for supervisors, it provides valuable feedback to enlisted personnel that can help them improve their skills and abilities. Additionally, it helps ensure that only those who have demonstrated excellence are selected for promotion or special assignments within the Air Force. Overall, the AF 911 Form is an essential component of maintaining high standards of performance and professionalism within this branch of service.

What is the Purpose of the AF 911 Form?

The AF 911 form is an essential tool for Air Force enlisted personnel to document their performance report. It is a formal record that allows commanders to accurately evaluate and rate the performance of their subordinates. The purpose of the AF 911 form is to provide detailed information about an individual’s job knowledge, skills, leadership abilities, work habits, and overall contributions to the mission.

For Master Sergeants through Senior Master Sergeants (MSGT-SMSGT), the AF 911 form provides a comprehensive assessment of job performance throughout the rated period. This rating process helps identify strong performers who can be considered for career advancement opportunities such as promotions or special duty assignments. Additionally, it enables supervisors to provide feedback on areas in which their subordinates need improvement.

Overall, the AF 911 form serves as a means of ensuring fairness and consistency in evaluating job performance across all enlisted ranks within different Air Force units. It helps identify top performers while providing constructive feedback and opportunities for professional development for those who need guidance in improving their skills and abilities.

Where Can I Find an AF 911 Form?

If you are looking for an AF 911 form, also known as the Enlisted Performance Report (Msgt Thru Smsgt), there are several places where you can find it. The first place to check is your unit’s human resources office or personnel section. They should have copies of all required forms, including the AF 911.

Another option is to visit the Air Force’s e-Publishing website, which has a searchable database of all official Air Force forms and publications. Simply enter “AF 911” in the search bar and download a digital copy of the form.

You can also use online resources such as or other military-related websites that offer a range of military-related document templates, including the AF 911 form. However, be sure to double-check any third-party sources for accuracy before using their templates or submitting them to your chain of command.

AF 911 Form – Enlisted Performance Report (Msgt Thru Smsgt)

The AF 911 form is an enlisted performance report used for Master Sergeants (MSgt) through Senior Master Sergeants (SMSgt). The purpose of the form is to evaluate and document the performance of non-commissioned officers in their respective duties. It covers a period of up to one year.

The form consists of four sections – administrative data, duty description, performance assessment, and overall evaluation. In the administrative data section, basic information about the service member such as name, rank, and duty position are recorded. The duty description section outlines the specific responsibilities that were assigned to the individual during the reporting period.

The performance assessment section includes ratings on various factors including leadership qualities, job knowledge and technical expertise, communication skills, teamwork and followership abilities. Finally, an overall evaluation rating is given based on how well they performed in all areas assessed. All in all, the AF 911 Form plays a crucial role in documenting a service member’s achievements and shortcomings over time – which can help them achieve their goals within their careers or move towards new ones if desired.

AF 911 Form Example

AF 911 Form - Enlisted Performance Report (Msgt Thru Smsgt) Part 1
AF 911 Form – Enlisted Performance Report (Msgt Thru Smsgt) Part 1
AF 911 Form - Enlisted Performance Report (Msgt Thru Smsgt) Part 2
AF 911 Form – Enlisted Performance Report (Msgt Thru Smsgt) Part 2