AF 997 Form – Daily Well Activity Record

FINDERDOC.COMAF 997 Form – Daily Well Activity Record – The AF 997 form is a daily activity record used by the Air Force to track an individual’s physical fitness. The form asks questions about an individual’s activities such as how much they exercised, how much they slept, and how many calories they ate. The form is also used to monitor an individual’s weight and body fat.

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Form Number AF 997 Form
Form Title Daily Well Activity Record
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What is an AF 997 Form?

The AF 997 Form is a Daily Well Activity Record used by the Air Force to track various well activities such as water consumption, water levels, and the quality of water. The form is usually completed by military personnel responsible for maintaining wells and ensuring that they comply with environmental regulations. The form provides a detailed account of all activities that have been carried out on the well for any given day.

The AF 997 Form also helps in identifying potential problems with the well system. If there are any issues with the well system or if it has not met its daily targets, corrective action can be taken promptly based on information provided in this form. Moreover, this record can be helpful during audits or inspections to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

In summary, an accurate and up-to-date AF 997 Form is crucial for maintaining the safety and overall health of individuals who rely on these wells for their daily needs. It serves as proof that proper maintenance procedures have been followed while ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies’ requirements.

What is the Purpose of the AF 997 Form?

The AF 997 Form, also known as the Daily Well Activity Record, is an essential document used in the oil and gas production industry. The primary purpose of this form is to record daily activities performed on a well site. This includes any maintenance work, checks on equipment and machinery, and any other tasks necessary to ensure that the well is operating safely and efficiently.

In addition to recording daily activities, the AF 997 Form also serves as a legal document that provides evidence of compliance with environmental regulations. By keeping accurate records of daily operations, companies can demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship while minimizing potential risks associated with non-compliance.

Overall, the AF 997 Form plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient operations in the oil and gas production industry. It provides a comprehensive record of all activities performed on-site while also helping companies comply with regulatory requirements related to environmental protection. As such, it is an important tool for both operators and regulators alike who are committed to maintaining high standards of safety and environmental responsibility in this critical sector of our economy.

Where Can I Find an AF 997 Form?

If you are looking for an AF 997 form, also known as the Daily Well Activity Record, there are a few places you can try. First and foremost, your company’s HR or administrative department may have copies of this form available for employees to use. They may also be able to provide guidance on how to complete the form correctly.

Another option is to check with industry associations or organizations related to oil and gas drilling, as they may have templates or resources available for members. Additionally, some state regulatory agencies that oversee oil and gas operations may require companies to use specific forms, including the AF 997.

Finally, there are various online resources where you can find and download a copy of the AF 997 form. These include sites like and It’s important to note that while these forms may be convenient and easily accessible online, it’s still important to ensure that they meet all relevant legal requirements before using them in your business operations.

AF 997 Form – Daily Well Activity Record

The AF 997 Form, also known as the Daily Well Activity Record, is a crucial document used in the oil and gas industry to maintain a detailed record of well-related activities. The form is typically filled out by field personnel and includes critical information such as well location, production data, and wellbore conditions. The purpose of this document is to ensure that all relevant activity related to the well is recorded accurately for future reference.

The AF 997 Form contains several sections that are completed daily or at regular intervals depending on the nature of work being carried out. Some of the key sections include drilling activity data, cementing operations details, wireline logging information, and casing pressure readings. Each section provides insight into the status of the well and helps identify areas that require attention or further investigation.

In summary, completing an accurate AF 997 form ensures that all stakeholders have up-to-date information on well activity throughout its lifecycle. This document serves as an essential tool for decision-making processes related to production optimization strategies and helps prevent costly mistakes associated with inaccurate or incomplete data.

AF 997 Form Example

AF 997 Form - Daily Well Activity Record
AF 997 Form – Daily Well Activity Record