AF COMSEC Form 16 – Comsec Account Daily Shift Inventory

FINDERDOC.COMAF COMSEC Form 16 – Comsec Account Daily Shift Inventory – The AF COMSEC Form 16, also known as the Comsec Account Daily Shift Inventory, is an important document for the Air Force that allows personnel to track the status of communication security equipment. This document helps keep track of changes in communications security devices and materials over a 24-hour period. It is essential for any air force unit or organization to maintain accurate records of their COMSEC assets and ensure accountability and proper usage. By completing this form daily, personnel can ensure that all communications security items are tracked accurately and efficiently.

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Form Number AF COMSEC Form 16
Form Title Comsec Account Daily Shift Inventory
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Date USCIS Forms

What is an AF COMSEC Form 16?

An AF COMSEC Form 16 is an important record-keeping tool used by the United States Air Force. It stands for the Air Force Communications Security (COMSEC) Form 16, and it is a daily inventory of all communications security equipment that has been issued to personnel in any given time period. The form records the type of equipment, serial numbers, issue dates, and other pertinent information about each item. This allows for easy tracking and accountability of sensitive items such as encryption devices, secure telephones and radios, or other COMSEC systems.

The Form 16 serves as a vital document in verifying that all necessary equipment is accounted for at the start and end of every duty day. It ensures that no unauthorized personnel have access to protected communications materials while also ensuring they are not lost or damaged during their use.

What is the Purpose of AF COMSEC Form 16?

The purpose of AF COMSEC Form 16 is to ensure that Communcations Security (COMSEC) accounts are properly maintained and accounted for. This form is used by U.S. Air Force personnel to report on the daily shift inventory of their COMSEC account and keep track of the equipment associated with it. It will document all changes made to the account from one day to the next, along with transfers in or out of the account, as well as any losses or additions that may have occurred during that time period.

AF Comsec Form 16 also serves as a record-keeping tool for tracking any discrepancies between what was reported in previous shifts and what has actually been recorded in later shifts. This helps prevent unauthorized access or use of COMSEC items within an organization since any discrepancies can be easily identified rather than overlooked.

Where Can I Find an AF COMSEC Form 16?

The AF COMSEC Form 16 is a daily shift inventory that must be completed by Comsec Custodians. It provides a detailed listing of all COMSEC items checked in and out of the custodian’s control. The form allows for accountability and proper handling of sensitive material.

The form can be obtained from the Air Force e-Publishing website, From this website, search for “AF COMSEC Form 16” to find the current version of the form. The most recent version dated June 2018 includes revisions to assist in completing and submitting the form correctly. Additionally, other related forms such as the AF IMT 1206 (COMSEC Account Monthly Summary) are also available on this site.

AF COMSEC Form 16 – Comsec Account Daily Shift Inventory

The Air Force COMSEC Form 16 is an essential document used to keep track of the daily shift inventory for a Comsec account. It is a form that must be filled out in order to provide accountability for all cryptographic items and keys assigned to the account. The form includes information such as the serial numbers of any cryptographic devices, as well as information about when they were issued and who issued them. This document helps ensure that all cryptographic items are accounted for at all times and helps prevent theft or misuse of any sensitive material.

The form also requires the signature of both the incoming and outgoing personnel on duty, allowing for easy tracking if ever an issue arises with any particular items or keys. Additionally, it serves as evidence in case of an audit or investigation into any potential misuses of cryptographic materials.

AF COMSEC Form 16 Example

AF COMSEC Form 16 - Comsec Account Daily Shift Inventory
AF COMSEC Form 16 – Comsec Account Daily Shift Inventory