AF Form 1243 – ACPIN Data and Control Record

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 1243 – ACPIN Data and Control Record – This form is used to report data and control information for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. The data items on this form are important for the maintenance and operation of these machines.

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Form Number AF Form 1243
Form Title ACPIN Data and Control Record
File Size 40 KB
Date 12-05-2005

What is an AF Form 1243?

The AF Form 1243 is a crucial document that serves as the ACPIN (Aircrew Personal Information Network) data and control record for aircrews. This form provides a detailed record of an individual’s personal information, including their name, rank, social security number, date of birth, and other relevant data required to maintain accurate records of aircrew personnel. The Air Force uses this form to track the training status, flight hours flown, and medical qualifications for each individual.

The purpose of the AF Form 1243 is not only to provide necessary information on aircrews but also to maintain accurate records. It ensures that all aircrew members are qualified and authorized to perform their duties safely while in flight operations. Furthermore, it helps prevent unauthorized access by preventing any individuals from being added or deleted from the flight schedule without proper clearance or authorization.

In summary, the AF Form 1243 plays a critical role in safeguarding both aircrew members and passengers during military flights while maintaining proper documentation regarding pilots’ qualifications and authorizations. It is essential that all personnel involved in flying operations understand how important it is to maintain accurate records using this form as part of standard protocol.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 1243?

AF Form 1243 is a crucial document for Air Force personnel who deal with ACPIN (Agency Control Point Identification Number) data. The form serves as a record of all ACPIN transactions and activities performed by the user, including creation, modification, and deletion of ACPINs. It also documents any changes made to the associated account code structure, reporting entities or other related data.

The primary purpose of AF Form 1243 is to ensure accurate tracking and management of ACPIN data throughout its lifecycle. This helps prevent errors or discrepancies in financial reporting and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, the form enables authorized users to review past activities on an ACPIN account and make informed decisions about future changes or updates.

Overall, AF Form 1243 plays an essential role in maintaining the integrity and reliability of financial information within the Air Force. Proper use of this form supports efficient financial management practices while helping to mitigate risk from potential errors or fraud.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 1243?

Finding an AF Form 1243 can be challenging, especially if you are a new Air Force member or stationed at a new base. The good news is that the form is digitalized and accessible online through various official Air Force websites such as e-Publishing and MyPers. You can download the form in PDF format, fill it out using Adobe Acrobat Reader, and submit it online.

Another option to acquire an AF Form 1243 is by visiting your local installation’s personnel office. They typically provide assistance with filling out forms related to personnel actions, including ACPIN Data and Control Record. Personnel offices have physical copies of the form that you can fill out on-site or take home with you.

If you encounter any issues while trying to locate or fill out an AF Form 1243, don’t hesitate to reach out for help from your supervisor or other experienced colleagues who have gone through similar processes before. It’s crucial to ensure that all data on the form is accurate and up-to-date since it serves as a record of your assignment history within the Air Force.

AF Form 1243 – ACPIN Data and Control Record

AF Form 1243 is a document used by the United States Air Force to record and control ACPIN data. ACPIN stands for Aircraft Control and Performance Improvement Network, which is a system that tracks aircraft performance metrics such as fuel consumption, engine hours, and maintenance requirements. The purpose of the AF Form 1243 is to ensure accurate data collection and management within the ACPIN system.

The form includes various fields that must be filled out by personnel responsible for collecting and entering data into the system. These fields include information about the aircraft, flight information such as takeoff and landing times, and details about any maintenance performed on the aircraft. The form also serves as a record of who entered each piece of data into the ACPIN system, adding an additional layer of accountability.

Overall, AF Form 1243 plays a critical role in ensuring that accurate data is collected within the ACPIN system. This information is essential for analyzing aircraft performance trends over time, identifying areas for improvement or optimization, and making informed decisions regarding maintenance schedules or replacement strategies. Without proper documentation through forms like AF Form 1243, it would be difficult to maintain an efficient and effective fleet of military aircraft.

AF Form 1243 Example

AF Form 1243 - ACPIN Data and Control Record Part 1
AF Form 1243 – ACPIN Data and Control Record Part 1
AF Form 1243 - ACPIN Data and Control Record Part 2
AF Form 1243 – ACPIN Data and Control Record Part 2