AF Form 1387 – Receipt – Inmate’s Personal Deposit Fund

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 1387 – Receipt – Inmate’s Personal Deposit Fund – The form AF 1387 Receipt is used by correctional institutions to report the amount of inmates’ personal deposit funds. The document must be completed and signed by the inmate and the correctional institution employee who receives it. The information entered on the form includes the name of the inmate, the deposit account number, the date of deposit, and the balance on the date of deposit.

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Form Number AF Form 1387
Form Title Receipt – Inmate’s Personal Deposit Fund
File Size 37 KB
Date 01 -03- 2001

What is an AF Form 1387?

An AF Form 1387 is a military form that serves as a receipt for an inmate’s personal deposit fund. The form is used to document and acknowledge deposits made by inmates, such as cash or money orders, into their personal accounts. This form is typically used in correctional facilities operated by the United States Air Force.

The AF Form 1387 provides detailed information about the inmate’s account balance, account number, and date of deposit. It also includes the name of the person who deposited the funds on behalf of the inmate and any remarks or comments about the transaction. The form ensures accountability and transparency within the prison system while maintaining accurate records for auditing purposes.

Overall, AF Form 1387 plays a vital role in tracking financial transactions within correctional facilities. It helps maintain orderliness in prisons by keeping track of inmates’ finances while preventing fraudulent activities such as embezzlement or theft. As such, this document must be filled out accurately and promptly to ensure proper documentation of all deposits made for inmates’ personal accounts.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 1387?

AF Form 1387 is a document used by the US Air Force to track and manage an inmate’s personal deposit fund. The purpose of this form is to provide accountability for funds received from inmates and ensure that they are properly deposited and accounted for. The form is typically used in correctional facilities or detention centers where inmates may have money in their possession.

The AF Form 1387 contains information such as the inmate’s name, account number, date of deposit, amount deposited, and the name of the person receiving the deposit. It also includes a section for signatures from both the depositor and receiver which serves as proof that the transaction occurred.

Overall, AF Form 1387 plays a critical role in ensuring that any money belonging to inmates is not lost or misused while they are incarcerated. It provides transparency around financial transactions within correctional facilities which helps maintain trust between staff, inmates, and their families who may be making deposits on behalf of them.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 1387?

If you’re looking for an AF Form 1387, then the first place you should check is your local Air Force Base. The form is commonly used by military personnel to document their personal deposit funds while they are incarcerated in a military prison or detention center. You can also try searching for the form online through various government websites, such as the U.S. Air Force’s official website.

Another option is to consult with legal professionals who specialize in military law and regulations. They may be able to provide you with guidance on where to find the form and how to properly fill it out if necessary. Additionally, some military organizations offer training courses and seminars that cover topics related to personal deposit funds and other financial matters that may require the use of an AF Form 1387.

Overall, finding an AF Form 1387 can be a bit challenging depending on your specific situation and location. However, with a little patience and persistence, you should be able to locate the form either through official channels or by seeking assistance from knowledgeable experts in this area of military law and finance.

AF Form 1387 – Receipt – Inmate’s Personal Deposit Fund

AF Form 1387 is a crucial document used by correctional facilities to manage inmates’ personal deposit funds. The form acts as a receipt for any money deposited into the inmate’s account, which can be used to purchase items from the commissary or pay fees and fines. It is important for both the facility and the inmate that accurate records are kept of all transactions.

The AF Form 1387 includes essential details such as the inmate’s name, identification number, and facility location. It also lists the amount deposited, date of deposit, and provides space for a signature from both the inmate and staff member receiving the deposit. These receipts must be accurately completed in duplicate copies; one copy is given to the inmate while another remains on file with facility records.

Using this form ensures transparency in financial transactions between inmates and correctional facilities while maintaining accountability for all parties involved. It helps prevent errors in fund tracking and provides an accurate record of how much money each prisoner has available for use during their stay at a correctional institution. In conclusion, AF Form 1387 serves as an essential tool in managing inmates’ personal deposit funds within correctional facilities nationwide.

AF Form 1387 Example

AF Form 1387 - Receipt - Inmate's Personal Deposit Fund
AF Form 1387 – Receipt – Inmate’s Personal Deposit Fund