AF Form 1461 – Water Utility Operating Log (General)

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 1461 – Water Utility Operating Log (General) – The Water Utility Operating Log (AF Form 1461) is a report required by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) when a water utility is conducted for the purpose of obtaining information on the efficiency of their operations. The AF Form 1461 is used to compile data on such factors as the Volume of Water Used, Length of Service, Daily Flow Rate, and Maximum Flow Rate.

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Form Number AF Form 1461
Form Title Water Utility Operating Log (General)
File Size 46 KB
Date 03 -04- 2013

What is an AF Form 1461?

AF Form 1461 is a document used by the United States Air Force for logging water utility operations. The form is used to track all activities related to the maintenance and operation of drinking water systems on Air Force bases. This includes recording daily water usage data, reporting any malfunctions or anomalies in the system, and documenting any corrective actions taken to address those issues.

The AF Form 1461 is a critical tool for ensuring compliance with regulations governing potable water systems, including public health and environmental standards. It provides a record of all activities related to water treatment and distribution, allowing personnel responsible for managing these systems to quickly identify any potential problems that may arise. Additionally, the form helps ensure that all necessary documentation is completed accurately and on time, facilitating effective communication between different departments involved in maintaining these essential systems.

In summary, AF Form 1461 plays an important role in maintaining safe and reliable potable water supplies on Air Force installations. By keeping detailed records of daily operations and maintenance tasks performed by personnel responsible for managing these utilities, this document enables prompt action when needed while also ensuring compliance with relevant regulations governing these vital resources.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 1461?

AF Form 1461 serves as a record of the water usage and maintenance operations of the military installation. The form is used by military utility personnel to record their daily water usage, including the amount of water consumed and any repairs or maintenance work done on the system. It also includes data such as the location of the meter, its reading, and any problems that were encountered during routine inspections.

The purpose of AF Form 1461 is to provide a comprehensive record that can be used for accountability purposes, performance evaluation, and planning. By keeping track of its water usage over time, the military installation can identify areas where it needs to be more efficient in its consumption practices. This form also acts as proof for environmental compliance audits.

In conclusion, AF Form 1461 plays an essential role in maintaining accountability over military installations’ water utilities. The information recorded on this form provides valuable data that helps guide decisions about resource allocation, efficiency improvements, and environmental compliance monitoring.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 1461?

AF Form 1461 is a Water Utility Operating Log (General) form that is used by the United States Air Force. This log helps document water usage and the maintenance of water systems on an Air Force base. If you are in need of this form, it can be found online through various resources such as the official Air Force e-Publishing website or other military websites.

The easiest way to find AF Form 1461 is by searching for it on the official Air Force e-Publishing website. This site provides access to all current and historical forms used by the United States Air Force. Simply enter “AF Form 1461” in the search bar, and you will be directed to a downloadable PDF of the form.

It’s important to note that while this form is specific to the United States Air Force, similar forms may exist for other branches of the military or government agencies. If you cannot find AF Form 1461 through official channels, consider reaching out to your local water utility company or regulatory agency for guidance on finding comparable documentation.

AF Form 1461 – Water Utility Operating Log (General)

The AF Form 1461 – Water Utility Operating Log (General) is a document that records the operation and maintenance of water supply systems. It provides a comprehensive record of daily tasks, such as routine checks on water quality, pressure, and flow rates. Additionally, it documents corrective actions taken for any issues found during inspections.

The log serves as an essential tool for the water utility operator to monitor system performance over time. It can help identify trends in consumption patterns or pinpoint locations where leaks are occurring. Regularly reviewing the log can assist operators in detecting potential problems before they become significant issues.

In summary, the AF Form 1461 – Water Utility Operating Log (General) is a vital component of maintaining safe and reliable drinking water systems for both military personnel and civilians alike. By keeping accurate records of system operations, operators can quickly respond to emergencies while ensuring that long-term system performance remains optimal.

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AF Form 1461 - Water Utility Operating Log (General)
AF Form 1461 – Water Utility Operating Log (General)