AF Form 1466D – Dental Health Summary

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 1466D – Dental Health Summary – An individual’s dental health is extremely important and should be taken seriously. The AF Form 1466D, Dental Health Summary, was created to help individuals better understand their oral health and provide them with the resources they need to maintain good dental health. This form can help identify any potential issues and get them fixed as soon as possible. Good oral health is essential for overall well-being, so it is important that everyone takes the time to get proper care.

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Form Number AF Form 1466D
Form Title Dental Health Summary
File Size 302 KB
Date 23 -08- 2017

What is a AF Form 1466D?

The AF Form 1466D, also known as the Dental Health Summary, is a medical document used by the United States Air Force to record an individual’s dental history and current oral health status. It is mandatory for all active-duty members of the Air Force to have a completed 1466D on file in their medical records. The form includes information regarding dental treatments received by the individual, such as fillings, extractions, and orthodontic work.

The Dental Health Summary also includes important information about any existing or potential dental issues that may affect an individual’s readiness or ability to perform their duties. This can include problems with teeth alignment, missing teeth or restorations, gum disease, cavities and other oral health conditions. By completing this form regularly and keeping it up-to-date, healthcare providers are able to monitor an individual’s overall oral health status and identify any potential issues before they become more serious.

In summary, the AF Form 1466D plays a critical role in ensuring that military personnel maintain optimal dental health throughout their service. It provides valuable information for healthcare providers to assess an individual’s overall oral health status and make informed decisions about appropriate treatments. By keeping this document updated regularly as part of routine medical checkups ensures timely detection of emerging problems thus mitigating significant costs associated with emergency treatment needs prompted by poor oral hygiene practices amongst others.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 1466D?

AF Form 1466D is a dental health summary that is used by the United States Air Force to keep track of an individual’s dental history. The purpose of this form is to provide a detailed record of an airman’s oral health status, treatments received, and any conditions or diseases that have been diagnosed. This information helps dental providers make informed decisions about treatment plans and ensures that every airman receives the best possible care.

The AF Form 1466D includes information such as tooth count, restorations, extractions, periodontal therapy, root canal therapy, orthodontic treatment and other procedures performed on teeth or gums. It also contains details about the patient’s medical history related to oral health issues including allergies and medications taken for other health problems. Dental providers can use this data to ensure they do not prescribe any medication that may cause allergic reactions or interfere with existing treatments.

In summary, the purpose of AF Form 1466D is to create a comprehensive record system for each airman’s oral health history which helps in providing better care and treatment options for each individual. Through this form, dental providers can access crucial information regarding previous procedures performed on an airman’s teeth which influences future treatments administered by professionals ensuring optimal oral healthcare delivery in the Air Force.

Where Can I Find a AF Form 1466D?

AF Form 1466D or the Dental Health Summary is a document used by the United States Air Force to record dental treatment information. This form contains information about an individual’s dental history, including exam dates, treatments received, and other relevant data. If you are looking for this form to complete your documentation, there are several ways on how to obtain it.

One way to find AF Form 1466D is by visiting a military treatment facility (MTF) in your area. You can also request the form from your dentist or dental clinic. Another option is to access it online through the Air Force e-Publishing website or the official Department of Defense forms website. Additionally, some third-party websites may offer downloadable versions of AF Form 1466D, but be cautious when using these sites as they may not be reliable sources.

In conclusion, finding AF Form 1466D should not be difficult as there are various ways to obtain it. Whether accessing it from an MTF or downloading it online, make sure that you get a copy of this important document and keep it safe for future reference.

AF Form 1466D – Dental Health Summary

AF Form 1466D, also known as the Dental Health Summary, is a crucial document that every service member must have on file. This form details the dental history of an individual, including any treatments or procedures they may have received in the past. It plays a vital role in ensuring that service members receive appropriate dental care throughout their career.

The Dental Health Summary provides valuable information to healthcare providers about an individual’s oral health status. It includes details such as tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues that could impact their overall health and readiness for deployment. With this information, healthcare providers can identify potential problems early on and provide preventative care to avoid future complications.

Overall, AF Form 1466D is an essential tool for maintaining optimal oral health among service members. By having accurate and up-to-date dental records on file, healthcare providers can deliver effective treatments and ensure that individuals are ready to serve when called upon. Therefore, it is essential to keep this form updated regularly to ensure accurate documentation of all dental procedures performed over time.

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AF Form 1466D - Dental Health Summary
AF Form 1466D – Dental Health Summary