AF Form 1473 – Gun Equipment Room Inventory

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 1473 – Gun Equipment Room Inventory – An inventory of firearms and ammunition belonging to a military unit is required by federal law under the Gun Control Act of 1968. The form, known as Form 1473, is used to track the acquisition, possession, and disposition of firearms and ammunition. Each military unit must submit an annual inventory to their local ATF office.

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Form Number AF Form 1473
Form Title Gun Equipment Room Inventory
File Size 22 KB
Date 01 -10- 2000

What is a AF Form 1473?

The AF Form 1473 is a document used to record the inventory of weapons and related equipment in a gun equipment room. This form is used by the United States Air Force (USAF) as part of their weapon safety program. The purpose of this form is to ensure that all weapons and equipment are accounted for, properly stored, maintained, and secured.

The AF Form 1473 contains information about each weapon and its accessories such as serial numbers, model numbers, descriptions, quantity on hand, location within the gun room, maintenance schedule status, and any other relevant information regarding its use or storage. This inventory document helps prevent loss or theft of firearms by tracking who has checked out each item from the gun room.

Maintaining accurate records with AF Form 1473 also ensures that all required inspections are performed on schedule so that weapons remain safe for use. The proper completion of this form by authorized personnel helps maintain accountability over guns and other related equipment while promoting safety within Air Force bases worldwide.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 1473?

AF Form 1473 is a document used by the Air Force to inventory gun equipment stored in a weapons handling area. The form serves as an essential tool for ensuring accountability, safety, and security of military firearms. It helps keep track of all weapons held in storage and ensures that they are accounted for whenever they are checked out or returned.

The purpose of AF Form 1473 is to establish a systematic process that enables personnel responsible for managing military firearms to verify and record the condition and location of every weapon under their care. This form also helps prevent the loss or theft of guns by providing an accurate inventory that can be cross-checked with other documentation such as shipping manifests, maintenance records, and transfer orders.

In summary, AF Form 1473 is critical because it provides reliable data on all gun equipment stored within the Air Force’s arsenal. Ensuring proper record-keeping procedures help maintain accountability at all times while protecting against any potential breaches in security or unauthorized use. Ultimately, this document plays a vital role in maintaining order within the military establishment while safeguarding national security interests.

Where Can I Find a AF Form 1473?

The AF Form 1473 is a military inventory form used to document gun equipment in the Air Force. This form contains vital information such as the type and quantity of firearms, their serial numbers, and other essential data needed for tracking purposes. It’s important to know where to find this form if you’re an Air Force officer tasked with managing firearm inventories.

The most common place to find an AF Form 1473 is through official Air Force channels, like your unit’s supply office or by contacting your installation’s base security forces. You can also access it online through various government websites that cater to military forms and procedures. Another option is reaching out to higher headquarters or chain of command if you’re unable to locate the form via other means.

It’s essential always to have a ready copy of AF Form 1473 on hand when performing inventory checks or making updates so that you can accurately track all firearms assigned within your control. By ensuring proper documentation, compliance with established procedures, safety measures are being upheld while avoiding unnecessary disciplinary action that may arise from any discrepancies found during audits or inspections.

AF Form 1473 – Gun Equipment Room Inventory

AF Form 1473, also known as the Gun Equipment Room Inventory form, is a document used by the United States Air Force to keep track of weapons and ammunition stored in their armories. It is an essential tool for inventory management and ensuring accountability for all firearms and related equipment. The form requires detailed information about every item stored in the facility, including its type, serial number, condition, location within the room, and quantity.

Completing an AF Form 1473 is crucial because it helps prevent loss or theft of military-grade weapons that could pose significant risks to national security if they fall into the wrong hands. By conducting regular checks using this form, personnel responsible for maintaining gun equipment rooms can identify discrepancies quickly before they become larger problems.

Overall, AF Form 1473 plays a vital role in ensuring that military-grade weaponry remains secure at all times. It provides an accurate record of what items are present in a specific storage facility and who has access to them. Failure to follow proper inventory procedures outlined on this form can result in disciplinary action against those responsible for maintaining these facilities.

AF Form 1473 Example

AF Form 1473 - Gun Equipment Room Inventory
AF Form 1473 – Gun Equipment Room Inventory