AF Form 2665 – Continuing Education Summary

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 2665 – Continuing Education Summary – AF Form 2665, also known as the Continuing Education Summary, is a crucial document for members of the United States Air Force who seek to further their education and professional development. This form provides a comprehensive record of an individual’s continuing education efforts, including courses taken, certifications earned, and academic degrees obtained.

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Form Number AF Form 2665
Form Title Continuing Education Summary
File Size 33 KB
Date 30 Dec 2005

What is a AF Form 2665?

AF Form 2665 is an essential document that summarizes the airman’s continuing education and training progression. The form serves as a historical record of an individual’s professional and educational achievements, including courses completed, certifications earned, and degrees awarded. It also outlines the goals set by each airman for their professional development during their military service.

The AF Form 2665 enables airmen to track their career progressions continually. It helps them identify areas they need to improve on or skills they should develop further. The form also provides valuable information to commanders, supervisors, and training managers, allowing them to evaluate an airman’s readiness for leadership positions or specialized roles within the Air Force.

In conclusion, AF Form 2665 is a vital tool in assessing an airman’s performance and potential within the Air Force. Airmen should ensure that the forms are completed accurately and updated regularly to reflect any new accomplishments or changes in their career goals. This will assist them in achieving personal success while serving in one of the most critical branches of our nation’s defense forces – the United States Air Force.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 2665?

AF Form 2665 is a Continuing Education Summary that is used by the United States Air Force (USAF) to document and track an individual’s education and training accomplishments. The purpose of this form is to provide a comprehensive record of the courses, certifications, degrees, and other educational achievements completed by an airman throughout their career. This information can be used for various purposes, such as evaluating an airman’s eligibility for promotions or special assignments.

The AF Form 2665 includes details about the type of education or training completed, the institution or organization where it was completed, and the date it was completed. It also includes information about any continuing education units (CEUs) earned, which are required for certain career fields within the USAF. Additionally, this form serves as a tool for individuals to plan their future educational goals and track their progress towards achieving them.

Overall, AF Form 2665 plays a crucial role in documenting an airman’s professional development and helps ensure that they have met all necessary requirements for career advancement within the USAF.

Where Can I Find a AF Form 2665?

The AF Form 2665 is an important document that summarizes an individual’s continuing education accomplishments. This form is commonly used by members of the United States Air Force to track their progress in achieving educational goals and maintaining professional development. The form includes details such as the title of courses, dates of completion, and number of credit hours earned.

To find a copy of AF Form 2665, individuals can visit the official website of the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) or contact their local Education Office. The AFPC website offers a variety of forms and publications pertaining to personnel management in the Air Force, including the AF Form 2665. Members can download this form directly from the site or request a physical copy via mail.

It’s important to note that while this form may be specific to members of the Air Force, other branches of service likely have similar documentation for tracking continuing education accomplishments. Those who are no longer serving in the military but still wish to track their educational achievements may consider creating a personal record-keeping system using templates or spreadsheets available online.

AF Form 2665 – Continuing Education Summary

AF Form 2665 is a document used by the United States Air Force to keep track of an individual’s continuing education and professional development. The form provides a summary of all training courses completed, both military and civilian, as well as any certifications or licenses achieved. It is an essential tool for individuals who wish to advance their career within the Air Force and must be updated regularly.

The AF Form 2665 serves several purposes. Firstly, it ensures that individuals are meeting the requirements for their current job or rank, as well as any future positions they may aspire to. Secondly, it allows supervisors and commanders to identify potential candidates for leadership roles or special assignments based on their level of education and experience. Finally, it helps individuals plan their personal and professional development goals in line with the needs of the Air Force.

In conclusion, maintaining an up-to-date AF Form 2665 is crucial for those serving in the United States Air Force who wish to progress in their careers. It not only keeps them accountable for meeting necessary requirements but also highlights their achievements and potential for future advancement within the organization.

AF Form 2665 Example

AF Form 2665 - Continuing Education Summary Part 1
AF Form 2665 – Continuing Education Summary Part 1
AF Form 2665 - Continuing Education Summary part 2
AF Form 2665 – Continuing Education Summary part 2