AF Form 451 – Request For Packaging Service

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 451 – Request For Packaging Service – The AF Form 451, Request For Packaging Service, is an important document used by the United States Air Force to coordinate the movement of personnel and their belongings. Through this form, service members are able to request various services related to packing and shipping household goods as they transition from one duty station to another. The form also includes details on how to properly prepare items for shipment and proper labeling requirements for overseas shipments. Additionally, it outlines the responsibilities of both the military member and any contractors involved in the packaging process.

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Form Number AF Form 451
Form Title Request For Packaging Service
File Size 45 KB
Date 01-02-2004

What is an AF Form 451?

An AF Form 451 is an official form used by the United States Air Force to request packaging services. It is a document that outlines the requirements for packing and shipping sensitive equipment and hazardous materials, as well as any special instructions that must be followed. The form requires information such as the origin and destination of the shipment, item description, desired date of delivery, hazmat handling instructions, and other pertinent details.

The AF Form 451 must be completed in full before it can be submitted for processing. Once processed, a qualified technician will carry out all necessary packing procedures according to the specifications listed on the form. The technician will also ensure that all required safety precautions have been taken to protect personnel and property during transportation. All HazMat shipments should include an approved container with proper labeling in order to meet regulations set forth by air carriers or other agencies involved in transport.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 451?

The purpose of AF Form 451, or the Request for Packaging Services form, is to request assistance and guidance when preparing items for shipment. This form serves as a way to inform the Air Force Logistics Center (AFLC) of the type of service needed and what kind of items are being shipped. The form also provides important information on how to package and label goods in accordance with government regulations and safety procedures.

This form is an essential step in providing quality control during transport from point A to point B. It outlines exactly what needs to be done before shipping any item, including making sure that all materials are properly labeled, packaged, and secured for safe travel. The AFLC uses this information to ensure that all shipments are handled with care and arrive safely at their destination.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 451?

The AF Form 451, Request for Packaging Service, is available from the Air Force e-Publishing website. This form is used to request packaging services for any item that needs to be shipped or stored by the United States Air Force. The form should be filled out and submitted to an authorized representative of the Air Force Logistics Agency (AFLog). Once a request has been approved, the necessary supplies and personnel will be provided to complete the task.

In addition to being found on the e-Publishing website, copies of this form can also be obtained by contacting your base’s supply warehouse or office. A printable version of this form can also be found in applicable publications such as AFI 24-101 and AFI 24-201.

AF Form 451 – Request For Packaging Service

The AF Form 451 is an important document for service members and their families who are preparing to move. This form, also known as the “Request for Packaging Service”, requests that the military provide full packing services for a family’s belongings before a permanent change of station (PCS) move. The AF Form 451 provides a detailed record of all items to be packed, including fragile items, large furniture items, and any other special instructions. It also outlines the pickup and delivery dates of household goods as well as any additional supplies needed such as boxes or tape.

Using this form ensures that the military will pick up necessary items on time and deliver them safely at the new location. It is important to understand that this form must be completed before any packing services can be requested from government personnel or contractors.

AF Form 451 Example

AF Form 451 - Request For Packaging Service
AF Form 451 – Request For Packaging Service