AF Form 475 – Education/Training Report

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 475 – Education/Training Report – This article examines the AF Form 475, which is an Education and Training Report used by the United States Air Force. This form is primarily used to record official training requirements and can also be used to track individual training histories. The AF Form 475 follows a standard format that provides a comprehensive overview of all courses taken by an individual, as well as any certifications or awards received. The document also serves as an important tool for tracking educational progress, both in terms of completion rates and other milestones met along the way.

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Form Number AF Form 475
Form Title Education/Training Report
File Size 40 KB
Date 29-03-2017

What is an AF Form 475?

An AF Form 475, also known as an Education Training Report, is a form used by the United States Air Force to track and report information on education and training activities. The form provides detailed records of any type of academic or technical training received by a service member, such as completion of an undergraduate degree or successful completion of a specialized course. It can also be used to track military awards, decorations, and other special recognitions.

The AF Form 475 is typically prepared and forwarded to the Personnel Records Office at each base for maintenance in the personnel file. This record helps document the service member’s qualifications for promotion opportunities or assignment considerations. It provides educational requirements fulfilled by active duty personnel, reservists, and members in retirement status. Additionally, it may be used when applying for voluntary education programs within the Department of Defense or civilian colleges/universities.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 475?

AF Form 475, or the Education Training Report, is a document used by the Air Force to track and record an individual’s education and training progress. This form serves two main purposes: tracking educational attainment and certifying airman for new career fields.

The primary purpose of this form is to keep records of an individual’s training and related educational accomplishments. This helps ensure that airmen are staying up-to-date with their studies and meeting the necessary requirements for continuing recruitment, promotion, or assignment in their job field. Additionally, it provides supervisors with documentation on an airman’s proficiency in certain areas of study as well as any other specialized courses they have taken.

The second purpose of AF Form 475 is to certify that a student meets the prerequisites for transferring into a new career field or rank within the Air Force.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 475?

AF Form 475, the Education Training Report, is available through a variety of resources. The easiest way to access the form is online at the Air Force’s e-Publishing website. There you can download and print out a copy of AF Form 475 in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. If you prefer a paper copy, copies are also available from your local base personnel support office or military education center. Additionally, if you need assistance completing the form, many installations have an education services officer who can provide guidance and answers to questions regarding AF Form 475.

Once completed, AF Form 475 must be signed off by both an individual’s supervisor and commander before being sent to Air Force Personnel Center for processing.

AF Form 475 – Education/Training Report

The Education Training Report (AF Form 475) is an important form in the U.S. Air Force for documenting education and training received by personnel. This form must be completed by all enlisted members of the Air Force, regardless of rank or position. It is used to document the completion of educational courses and any certifications or recognition earned from these courses. The AF Form 475 also serves as a record of an individual’s progress throughout their military career and helps identify areas where further education or training may be needed for career advancement.

The information on this report includes specific details about each course taken such as name, type, location, instructor name(s), number of hours attended, grade received, and any special remarks from the instructor regarding performance or accomplishments during the course acceptance.

AF Form 475 Example

AF Form 475 - Education Training Report
AF Form 475 – Education Training Report