AF Form 688A – Security Forces Investigator Credential

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 688A – Security Forces Investigator Credential – The AF Form 688A is an important credential for security forces investigators. This form provides credentials that verify a person’s qualifications and abilities to work as a security forces investigator on behalf of the United States Air Force. It is critical that anyone working in this capacity understand their responsibilities, duties, and obligations to ensure the safety and security of personnel, resources, and information. In this article we will discuss what the AF Form 688A is, how to apply for it, and what it means when you are approved by the U.S.

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Form Number AF Form 688A
Form Title Security Forces Investigator Credential
File Size 278 KB
Date 26-02-2015

What is an AF Form 688A?

An AF Form 688A is a credential issued by the United States Air Force (USAF) to members of its Security Forces. It is an officially recognized document that certifies an individual as a qualified investigator who is capable of conducting investigations into suspected criminal activity and other security-related matters. The form outlines the specific duties, responsibilities, and qualifications necessary for a successful investigation.

The AF Form 688A also serves as official identification for those individuals who hold this particular position within the USAF. It must be renewed annually and consists of several areas in which investigators must demonstrate their competency. These include knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, proper handling of evidence, investigative techniques, interviewing skills, report writing capabilities, etc.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 688A?

The AF Form 688A is an important document used by the United States Air Force (USAF) to identify personnel with security forces’ investigation credentials. This form serves as a valuable tool for the verification of qualifications and experience necessary for officers and enlisted personnel assigned to or seeking assignment to investigative positions within the USAF Security Forces. It also helps ensure that individuals who are eligible for assignments in this field possess the necessary skills and knowledge required for successful performance.

The purpose of the AF Form 688A is two-fold: first, it provides supervisors with an up-to-date list of qualified personnel available for assignment; second, it serves as a record of completion of training courses taken by applicants who wish to be considered for assignments in security forces investigations. Each applicant must submit their completed form to their supervisor or designated point of contact prior to being approved for assignment in this field.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 688A?

AF Form 688A is a form issued by the United States Air Force for its Security Forces Investigators. It is a credential that allows investigators to investigate sensitive jobs, such as those involving illegal drug activity and weapons.

The form can be found on the Air Force Official Website or through an authorized military personnel office. It is important to note that this form cannot be filled out online; it must be printed and completed in pen. In addition, supporting documentation must accompanies each AF Form 688A before being submitted. These documents include investigative reports, subpoenas, and other evidence pertinent to the case being investigated.

Once all of the required information has been filled out correctly and all necessary documentation has been submitted, the AF Form 688A will be returned with either approval or denial of credentials based on eligibility factors such as prior training experience and current job status.

AF Form 688A – Security Forces Investigator Credential

The AF Form 688A – Security Forces Investigator Credential is an important tool for Air Force personnel working within the security forces. This form allows personnel to demonstrate their qualifications and abilities as a security force investigator, and it is required in order to gain access to areas involving sensitive material and investigations.

The AF Form 688A outlines just what those qualifications are, and how they must be demonstrated. It requires that personnel demonstrate proficiency in basic investigative principles, methods of collecting evidence and information, procedures for conducting interviews and interrogations, as well as interpersonal communication skills. They must also prove their ability to prepare written reports or documents related to an investigation. Finally, the form details standards for professional conduct during security operations investigations.

AF Form 688A Example

AF Form 688A - Security Forces Investigator Credential
AF Form 688A – Security Forces Investigator Credential