AF Form 77 – Letter Of Evaluation

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 77 – Letter Of Evaluation – Writing a letter of evaluation can be an important part of the military personnel’s career advancement process. AF Form 77 is the official form for writing and submitting a letter of evaluation in the Air Force. This article will provide an overview of AF Form 77, including guidelines on how to complete it, who should submit it, and when it should be submitted. Additionally, this article will discuss why letters of evaluation are important and some tips for writing one. With this information, you’ll have all you need to successfully write and submit a letter of evaluation using AF Form 77.

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Form Number AF Form 77
Form Title Letter Of Evaluation
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What is an AF Form 77?

An AF Form 77 is a document used by the United States Air Force (USAF) to evaluate an individual’s performance. It is used for both officers and enlisted personnel, as well as civilian personnel, who have completed a period of service within the USAF. The form includes sections for assessing overall job performance, job knowledge and leadership skills. Additionally, it provides space for notes or comments from the supervisor or rater regarding any performance improvements or changes that should be made in order to improve future performance.

The AF Form 77 must be signed by the person being evaluated and their supervisor in order to be considered official. After signing the form, it is then submitted to personnel offices for review and storage in official records. This information may be requested during career reviews or promotions boards when applicable.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 77?

The AF Form 77 is a letter of evaluation used by the United States Air Force (USAF). This document is critical for individuals who are seeking to advance or get promoted. It contains information about an individual’s performance, potential, and overall aptitude.

The objective of this form is to provide a summary of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in their job performance, as well as their potential for future growth. The form includes details such as the individual’s current rank, job title, length of service in the USAF, any awards or decorations they have been awarded, as well as evaluations from supervisors on job performance and accomplishments. In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of an individual’s career history with the USAF, the AF Form 77 also serves as an important factor in determining whether someone will be promoted or not.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 77?

AF Form 77, also known as a Letter of Evaluation, is an important document for Air Force personnel. It is used to record the performance of officers and enlisted Airmen during their time in the service and acts as a reference when assessing them for awards, promotions or special assignments. The form can be found on the official Air Force website at

The form should be completed by the rater who is assessing the individual’s performance, and it should include information such as rank, job title, supervised activities and detailed comments about their performance within each section of their job duties. After completion, it must be signed off by both the rater and senior rater before being sent on to higher-level review boards for further evaluation.

AF Form 77 – Letter Of Evaluation

An AF Form 77, also known as a Letter of Evaluation (LOE) is an official document issued by the Air Force that provides a narrative assessment of an airman’s job performance. It includes information such as the airman’s job rating, career potential, and overall evaluation. The LOE is one of the primary documents used in determining if an individual is eligible for reenlistment or promotion within their branch of service.

All personnel who are assigned to a unit or position for more than 180 days must receive an LOE during their tenure. These evaluations must be signed by both the rater and senior rater in order to be valid. Additionally, each individual will receive two copy types: a local copy which is kept at their respective base and a permanent copy which will remain with them throughout their military career.

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