AF Form 788C – Inpatient Record (Yellow)

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 788C – Inpatient Record (Yellow) – The AF Form 788C, also known as the Inpatient Record (Yellow), is an important document for all patients in the United States Air Force hospital system. This form is used to document and track inpatient care and treatment within military hospitals. It contains information about the patient’s medical history, prescribed treatments and medications, lab results, and other relevant health data.

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Form Number AF Form 788C
Form Title Inpatient Record (Yellow)
File Size 278 KB
Date 21-02-2006

What is an AF Form 788C?

The AF Form 788C is an inpatient record used by the United States Air Force. It is also known as the Yellow Form, which is a reference to its color. The purpose of this form is to document the medical care received by patients during their hospital stay. This includes important details such as vital signs, medications administered, and procedures performed.

The AF Form 788C is critical in ensuring that patients receive high-quality healthcare services while they are admitted to a military hospital or clinic. It provides healthcare providers with an organized and comprehensive overview of the patient’s medical history, current condition, and treatment plan. As such, it plays a crucial role in facilitating communication between different members of the healthcare team.

It should be noted that AF Form 788C is not only reserved for active-duty military personnel but also for retirees and their family members who receive care at military hospitals or clinics. Additionally, copies of this form may be released to authorized individuals upon request or for legal purposes. Overall, AF Form 788C serves as an essential document in providing exceptional medical care to those who serve our nation.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 788C?

AF Form 788C or the Inpatient Record (Yellow) is a medical document used by the United States Air Force to document medical treatment and care provided to patients during their stay in an inpatient facility. The form contains detailed information about the patient’s diagnosis, treatment plan, medications administered, and other important medical notes. It is designed for use by healthcare providers to ensure continuity of care for patients who require longer-term hospitalization.

The purpose of AF Form 788C is to provide a standardized format for documenting all aspects of a patient’s inpatient care. It serves as a comprehensive record that can be used by healthcare providers throughout the course of treatment and can also be referred back to when providing ongoing follow-up care. This form helps ensure that every aspect of a patient’s care is documented properly so that they receive appropriate treatment and support throughout their recovery process.

Overall, AF Form 788C plays an essential role in ensuring high-quality healthcare services are rendered within the United States Air Force’s hospitals and clinics. By documenting all aspects of each patient’s hospital stay, this form provides an accurate representation of their health history while serving as an essential tool for communication between healthcare professionals involved with their care.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 788C?

AF Form 788C is a document used in the United States Air Force to collect and record information on patients who have been admitted for inpatient care. It is also known as the Inpatient Record (Yellow) and serves as an essential tool for healthcare providers to keep track of their patients’ medical histories, diagnoses, treatments, and progress.

If you are looking for an AF Form 788C, there are several places where you can find it. The first place to check would be at your local military hospital or clinic. They should have a supply of these forms readily available for use by their staff members. You can also try contacting your unit’s medical section or health service management office if you cannot locate one at the hospital.

Another option for obtaining an AF Form 788C is to download it online from the official US Air Force website. This form is available in PDF format and can be printed out as needed. However, it’s important to note that this version may not be accepted by all healthcare providers since some require original copies of healthcare documents.

AF Form 788C – Inpatient Record (Yellow)

The AF Form 788C, also known as the Inpatient Record (Yellow), is a critical document used by healthcare providers in the United States Air Force. The form plays a crucial role in documenting and tracking the medical history of patients receiving inpatient care. It contains vital information such as patient identification details, medical diagnoses, treatment plans, medication records, and progress notes.

The Inpatient Record (Yellow) is also used to record information about surgical procedures performed on patients. Healthcare providers use this form to document preoperative assessments, anesthesia administration records, surgical reports, and postoperative recovery notes. Additionally, the form provides an efficient way for healthcare professionals to communicate with each other regarding patient care.

Overall, the AF Form 788C serves as an essential tool for maintaining accurate and comprehensive medical records of patients during their hospitalization period. It enables healthcare providers to provide high-quality care while ensuring that all necessary documentation is complete and up-to-date at all times.

AF Form 788C Example

AF Form 788C - Inpatient Record (Yellow)
AF Form 788C – Inpatient Record (Yellow)