AF Form 824 – Daily Fuels Request And Servicing Log

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 824 – Daily Fuels Request And Servicing Log – The AF Form 824 is a critical document used by the United States Air Force (USAF) to manage fuel requests and services. This form is a key component of the USAF’s overall system for tracking fuel and services related to aircraft operations. The AF Form 824 serves as a daily record of fuel request and servicing, including all relevant details regarding the issuance, receipt, and servicing of fuel for USAF aircrafts.

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Form Number AF Form 824
Form Title Daily Fuels Request And Servicing Log
File Size 43 KB
Date 24-07-2013

What is an AF Form 824?

AF Form 824 is a document used by the United States Air Force (USAF) to record fuel requests and servicing log. The form is designed to track fuel transactions at a particular location for a specific period. It contains essential details such as the date, time, aircraft identification number, type of fuel required, quantity requested and dispensed.

The AF Form 824 serves as evidence of accountability and ensures that accurate records of fuel transactions are kept. It also helps in identifying any inconsistencies or discrepancies in fuel usage by providing detailed information on who requested and received the fuel. This form must be filled out accurately and promptly after every refueling operation to avoid errors or omissions that may lead to issues with accountability.

In conclusion, the AF Form 824 plays a critical role in managing aviation fuels in the USAF. It helps maintain an accurate record of all transactions related to aviation fuels while ensuring proper accountability for each transaction. All personnel involved in handling aviation fuels must be familiar with this form’s requirements to ensure compliance with regulations concerning aviation fuels management within the USAF.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 824?

AF Form 824 is a document used in the United States Air Force (USAF) to track fuel usage, request fuels, and record servicing information. The form serves as a daily log for fuels related activities for an aircraft or other equipment that requires fuel. It is necessary to have accurate records of fuel consumption and servicing to ensure safety during operations.

The purpose of AF Form 824 is to provide an easy-to-use method for tracking all fueling activities at a given location. This form also includes important information such as the date, time, type of aircraft or equipment being serviced, and the type and amount of fuel requested or dispensed. The form helps keep track of how much fuel has been consumed by each aircraft or piece of equipment over time enabling maintenance personnel to plan on when to schedule part replacements and services.

In conclusion, AF Form 824 serves as an essential tool for ensuring safe and effective operation within USAF facilities. By providing a detailed history of all fuels-related activities, this form facilitates better planning and decision-making while maintaining accurate records that are vital for future reference purposes.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 824?

If you are looking for an AF Form 824, there are several ways to obtain it. The easiest way is to visit your unit’s supply office or fuels management section. They should have a stock of blank forms that they can provide to you upon request. Alternatively, you may be able to download a fillable PDF version of the form from the Air Force e-Publishing website.

Another option is to search for the form on other military-related websites or forums. Many veteran and active-duty service members share resources and forms online, so it’s possible that someone has uploaded a copy of the AF Form 824 for others to use. However, keep in mind that any form obtained from unofficial sources may not be up-to-date or accurate.

Regardless of where you obtain your AF Form 824, make sure that you understand how to properly fill it out and use it in accordance with Air Force regulations. This document plays an important role in tracking fuel usage and ensuring accountability within military organizations, so accuracy and attention to detail are crucial when completing this form.

AF Form 824 – Daily Fuels Request And Servicing Log

AF Form 824, also known as the Daily Fuels Request and Servicing Log, is an essential document used by fuel operators to manage fuel requests and track fuel usage. This form serves as a record-keeping tool for all fuel transactions that take place within an Air Force base or installation. It includes information such as the type of fuel requested, the amount of fuel dispensed, and the organization requesting it.

The AF Form 824 provides accurate data on each day’s consumption of fuels at the airfield or refueling station. This information is then used to develop monthly reports summarizing these transactions for accounting purposes. The form also ensures that military personnel properly account for every drop of aviation fuel they use in their operations.

Furthermore, this log helps to identify any abnormalities in daily usage rates by comparing them with historical data so that any discrepancies can be investigated immediately. With this knowledge, airfield managers can make informed decisions about when to schedule maintenance on their equipment or adjust their operations based on changes in demand levels. Overall, the AF Form 824 plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient management and effective use of resources within the Air Force operationally and financially.

AF Form 824 Example

AF Form 824 - Daily Fuels Request And Servicing Log Part 1
AF Form 824 – Daily Fuels Request And Servicing Log Part 1