AF Form 942 – Record Of Evaluation

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 942 – Record Of Evaluation – AF Form 942, also known as the Record of Evaluation, is an important tool for Air Force personnel to document performance and progress. It is used in the evaluation process to review accomplishments, potential for growth, and areas for improvement. It is a critical component of military evaluations and can be used as a reference for career advancement opportunities. This article will provide an overview of AF Form 942 including its purpose, structure, and how to use it effectively.

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Form Number AF Form 942
Form Title Record Of Evaluation
File Size 30 KB
Date 05 -10-2020

What is an AF Form 942?

The AF Form 942, also known as the Record of Evaluation, is a document used by the United States Air Force to record performance evaluations for enlisted personnel. This form provides a detailed summary of an individual’s strengths and areas that need improvement. The information collected through this evaluation process assists supervisors in making informed decisions about promotions, reenlistment eligibility, and career development.

The AF Form 942 is completed annually for all active duty and Reserve component enlisted members who have served for at least 120 days within the previous year. The document prompts supervisors to provide feedback on various aspects of job performance such as leadership skills, technical proficiency, physical fitness, and adherence to military standards. The rating system ranges from Excellent (E) to Unsatisfactory (U) which helps identify high-performing individuals as well as those who need additional support.

Overall, the AF Form 942 plays a critical role in advancing enlisted careers within the Air Force. It serves as an official record of an individual’s accomplishments and provides a roadmap for future growth opportunities. By providing constructive feedback on job performance, this evaluation process ensures that every member of the Air Force has access to equitable promotion opportunities based on merit rather than favoritism or bias.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 942?

AF Form 942, also known as Record Of Evaluation, is a document that serves various purposes. One of the primary objectives of this form is to provide a record of performance evaluations for Air Force enlisted personnel. The form is typically used during annual or special evaluations to track and document each individual’s performance throughout their career in the Air Force.

In addition to recording an individual’s performance evaluation results, AF Form 942 also serves as an assessment tool for supervisors. Through the use of this form, supervisors can provide constructive feedback to their subordinates, highlighting areas where improvement is needed and recognizing strengths that should be reinforced. By doing so, both employees and employers can work collaboratively towards enhancing job satisfaction and overall organizational success.

Overall, AF Form 942 plays a critical role in ensuring accountability within the United States Air Force. It helps maintain accurate records of each service member’s evaluation results while facilitating open communication between supervisors and subordinates regarding job performance expectations and goals.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 942?

AF Form 942 is a crucial document in the military that records an individual’s performance and assessment from a supervisor or commander. It contains information such as job duties, work performance, strengths, weaknesses, achievements and areas for improvement. This form is essential for career advancement and promotions.

To obtain AF Form 942, one can visit the official United States Air Force Forms website to access it online. Alternatively, individuals can go through their unit’s administrative office or human resources personnel to obtain a hard copy of the form. It is important to note that only authorized personnel are allowed access to this document due to its sensitive nature.

Overall, obtaining AF Form 942 requires proper authorization and verification before it can be accessed or obtained by individuals who need it for various reasons such as promotion eligibility or career development within the military framework.

AF Form 942 – Record Of Evaluation

AF Form 942, or the Record of Evaluation, is a document used by the United States Air Force to track and evaluate personnel performance. This form is typically used for enlisted members who are serving in various roles and positions within the Air Force. The purpose of this form is to provide a detailed record of an individual’s performance throughout their time in service.

The AF Form 942 includes information such as job responsibilities, training completed, awards received, and any disciplinary actions taken against the member. This document serves as a valuable tool for supervisors and commanders when making decisions regarding promotions or reenlistment for each individual.

It is essential to ensure that all information recorded on AF Form 942 is accurate and up-to-date. Any inaccuracies or omissions could potentially impact a member’s career progression within the Air Force. Therefore, it is crucial that both supervisors and members take this process seriously to ensure that they receive fair evaluations based on their actual performance.

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AF Form 942 - Record Of Evaluation
AF Form 942 – Record Of Evaluation