DAF Form 965 – Overseas Tour Election Statement

FINDERDOC.COMDAF Form 965 – Overseas Tour Election Statement – The DAF Form 965 – Overseas Tour Election Statement is an essential document for anyone considering deployment to overseas locations. It provides vital information regarding the regulations and requirements that are associated with such a deployment. This form must be filled out accurately and in its entirety in order to ensure a safe, successful, and secure tour of duty. The form is designed to provide personnel with a clear explanation of the rights and obligations they will be subject to while deployed overseas.

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Form Number DAF Form 965
Form Title Overseas Tour Election Statement
File Size 36 KB
Date 16-11-2022

What is a DAF Form 965?

DAF Form 965 is a document used by military personnel who are stationed overseas and are eligible for an extension of their tour. The form contains details about the service member’s current assignment and provides options for extending their tour of duty. This election statement must be signed by the service member and approved by their commanding officer before it can be processed.

When a service member elects to extend their tour, they may be eligible for additional benefits such as continued housing allowance, tax-free pay, and travel expenses to return home when their extended tour has ended. However, it is important to note that extending a tour can also have implications on family life and personal goals.

Overall, the DAF Form 965 provides an opportunity for military personnel stationed overseas to extend their tours if desired. It is important for service members to carefully consider all factors before making this decision and consult with their commanding officer or other resources available to them.

What is the Purpose of DAF Form 965?

The Department of the Air Force Form 965, also known as the Overseas Tour Election Statement, is a critical document that serves multiple purposes for military personnel. The form is used to inform members of the Air Force about their eligibility to serve an overseas tour and provide them with information on possible accompanied or unaccompanied assignments. Additionally, it helps individuals understand the benefits and entitlements available during their time abroad.

Completing DAF Form 965 is essential for anyone entering active duty in the Air Force or planning to reenlist. This document serves as a written agreement between service members and the government regarding their willingness to accept an overseas assignment. It also provides various options for spouses or legal dependents who may accompany them while serving abroad.

Overall, DAF Form 965 plays a crucial role in ensuring that military personnel are informed and prepared before accepting an overseas tour assignment. By carefully considering all factors outlined in this document, service members can make informed decisions about their future and ensure they receive all available benefits while living overseas.

Where Can I Find a DAF Form 965?

If you are a member of the United States military and are planning to take an overseas tour, you may need to fill out a DAF Form 965 – Overseas Tour Election Statement. This form is used to inform the Department of Defense about your decision regarding your family’s travel with you on your tour. The form requires information such as your name, rank, and duty station, as well as information about your dependents who will be accompanying you.

To obtain a DAF Form 965, start by speaking with your unit’s personnel support office or finance office. They can provide guidance on filling out the form and answer any questions you may have. You can also find the form online through various military resources websites, including Military OneSource and MyPay.

It is important to note that specific requirements for completing the form may vary depending on individual circumstances (e.g., branch of service or location), so it is always best to consult with an appropriate representative before submitting the form.

DAF Form 965 – Overseas Tour Election Statement

DAF Form 965 is a document used to establish a service member’s election for an overseas tour. The form provides the opportunity for service members to express their preference in terms of duty station and length of assignment. Filling out this form is important because it helps the military determine where they need personnel and how long they will remain in that location.

The purpose of the Overseas Tour Election Statement is to give service members some control over their assignments while still fulfilling the needs of the military. It allows them to choose between available options, based on personal preferences or other considerations such as family obligations or career goals. By completing this form, service members can ensure that their future assignments align with their priorities.

Overall, DAF Form 965 serves as an essential tool for military personnel who are looking to shape their careers by selecting duty stations that suit both their personal and professional aspirations. With this document, service members can exercise some degree of choice regarding where they serve and how long they stay there.

DAF Form 965 Example

DAF Form 965 - Overseas Tour Election Statement
DAF Form 965 – Overseas Tour Election Statement