SF Form 87 – Fingerprint Chart

FINDERDOC.COMSF Form 87 – Fingerprint Chart – SF Form 87 – Fingerprint Chart is an important document used by law enforcement and other government entities to record and store information about individuals. This form provides detailed data on a person’s fingerprints, allowing for quick identification of individuals in legal proceedings or investigations. The SF Form 87 allows agencies to quickly compare a suspect’s prints with existing records to determine identity, criminal history, and other pertinent details. It is also used to capture prints from crime scenes in order to help investigators link suspects or victims together.

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Form Number SF Form 87
Form Title Fingerprint Chart
File Size 278 KB
Date 01-03-2013

What is an SF Form 87?

An SF Form 87 is an official United States Government document that is used to record the fingerprints of federal employees. This form is used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other government agencies for identification and security purposes. The form consists of 14 numbered boxes, each representing a different region on an individual’s fingerprints. Each box contains 12 rows in which the fingerprint ridges are recorded by authorized personnel with special equipment.

The purpose of this form is to provide accurate information about an individual’s identity and any criminal records they may have associated with their name or fingerprints. Fingerprints collected through the SF Form 87 are then compared against those stored in FBI databases to determine if there is a match between the two sets of prints. If there is a match, it can be used as evidence in legal proceedings or other investigations involving someone’s identity or criminal history.

What is the Purpose of SF Form 87?

The SF Form 87, or fingerprint chart, is a document used by the United States government to identify individuals through their fingerprints. The form is typically filled out during criminal investigations and other security screenings and serves as an official record of the individual’s identity.

The purpose of the SF Form 87 is to provide a reliable method for law enforcement officers and other personnel to identify people quickly and accurately. By capturing an individual’s unique set of fingerprints, the SF Form 87 ensures that no two people can ever be confused with each other. This helps prevent any potential legal issues from arising due to mistaken identities. Additionally, it allows for quick identification in cases where time may be of the essence such as in criminal investigations or homeland security screenings.

Where Can I Find an SF Form 87?

The SF Form 87 is a fingerprint chart used by the United States government to identify individuals in certain situations. It is commonly used by law enforcement and other government agencies when performing background checks or other activities relating to criminal activity. The form can be found online at many websites, including the official website of the Department of Justice (DOJ). Additionally, it can be printed from some state or federal websites, as well as from any number of printable document services.

In addition to being available online and in print, SF Form 87 can also be purchased directly from a few select vendors who specialize in providing this type of paperwork. Many vendors provide both digital versions that can be downloaded and hard copies that can be printed out for use in physical locations such as police stations or courtrooms. Further, some vendors offer customizations for their forms so that they meet specific needs or requirements.

SF Form 87 – Fingerprint Chart

The SF Form 87 – Fingerprint Chart is a government form created by the U.S. Department of Justice to assist law enforcement in accurately recording fingerprints. It is designed to be used by all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies when taking prints from individuals for their records. The SF Form 87 includes a detailed table of fingerprint patterns and symbols that help officers distinguish between different types of prints. This chart also features instructions on how to correctly take a print and how to record them accurately on the form.

The SF Form 87 allows for accurate classification and comparison of fingerprints which helps officers quickly identify suspects or persons of interest in criminal investigations. By using this chart, law enforcement can quickly narrow down potential suspects or persons of interest based on the characteristics of their fingerprints.

SF Form 87 Example

SF Form 87 - Fingerprint Chart
SF Form 87 – Fingerprint Chart