AF Form 1174 – Airfield Survey

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 1174 – Airfield Survey – Airfields have been in use for over 100 years. Many airfields were constructed during World War II and continue to be used by the military today. The purpose of an airfield survey is to identify any potential hazards that may exist at the airfield, including runway alignment and surface conditions.

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What is an AF Form 1174?

AF Form 1174 is a military document that is used specifically for airfield surveys. It serves as a record of inspections that are conducted to ensure the safety and functionality of airfields. The form contains detailed information about the condition of runways, taxiways, parking areas, and other important features of airfields.

During an airfield survey, inspectors use AF Form 1174 to document any issues or concerns they encounter with regards to the physical condition and operational capabilities of the facility. This includes things like damage to pavement or signs, debris on the runway, lighting malfunctions, or any other issues that could impact flight operations.

Overall, AF Form 1174 plays an essential role in maintaining safe and efficient operations at military airfields. By documenting potential hazards and making necessary repairs or improvements, inspectors can help ensure that pilots and passengers can travel safely between destinations without incident.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 1174?

The AF Form 1174 is a crucial document that serves several purposes in the Air Force. The primary purpose of this form is to conduct an airfield survey, which includes recording data on the runway, taxiway, and apron surfaces. This information helps to evaluate the condition of the airfield and identify areas that require maintenance or repair. Additionally, this form is used to record information on visible obstructions such as trees or buildings near the airfield that could impact flight operations.

The AF Form 1174 also plays a vital role in ensuring aircraft safety during takeoff and landing. By identifying potential hazards such as uneven runways or debris on the surface, pilots can make informed decisions about how to approach their landings and takeoffs safely. Furthermore, this form helps maintain compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations by tracking key metrics like runway length and width.

In summary, completing AF Form 1174 supports critical decision-making for both maintenance teams and pilots alike. It ensures that airfields are safe for flight operations while maintaining regulatory compliance with FAA standards.

Where Can I Find a AF Form 1174?

If you’re looking for an AF Form 1174, the easiest way to find it is by searching online. The Air Force e-Publishing website offers a variety of forms and publications, including the AF Form 1174. You can download the form in PDF format or fill it out online before printing.

In addition to the Air Force e-Publishing website, you can also try contacting your local military base or installation’s administrative office. They may have physical copies of the form that you can pick up or they may be able to direct you to where you can find one.

It’s important to note that not all bases carry physical copies of every form available online. If all else fails, consider reaching out to your supervisor or someone in your chain of command for guidance on how to obtain an AF Form 1174.

AF Form 1174 – Airfield Survey

AF Form 1174 is a critical tool used in airfield surveys. This form is typically used to record the condition of an airfield’s infrastructure, including runways, taxiways, and aprons. Surveying an airfield involves assessing the overall condition of its infrastructure so that necessary repairs or upgrades can be identified.

The AF Form 1174 provides a standardized method for recording this information. It includes sections for detailing the condition of each section of the airfield, as well as space for notes on any observations made during the survey process. This form also includes areas to document weather conditions at the time of the survey and other relevant details.

Completing an AF Form 1174 accurately is essential to ensure that all necessary repairs or upgrades are identified and addressed promptly. Failure to properly identify issues on this form can lead to unsafe conditions for pilots and other personnel who use the airfield regularly. As such, it is important that trained professionals conduct airfield surveys and complete AF Form 1174 with care and attention to detail.

AF Form 1174 Example

AF Form 1174 - Airfield Survey Part 1
AF Form 1174 – Airfield Survey Part 1
AF Form 1174 - Airfield Survey Part 2
AF Form 1174 – Airfield Survey Part 2