AF Form 1206 – Nomination For Award

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 1206 – Nomination For Award – AF Form 1206 – Nomination For Award is used to nominate an individual for the Distinguished Civilian Service Award. The form must be completed and submitted to the cognizant civil affairs agency. Eligible categories include but are not limited to: government service, public education, community service, leadership, and civic engagement.

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Form Number AF Form 1206
Form Title Nomination For Award
File Size 32 KB
Date 02-08-2017

What is an AF Form 1206?

The AF Form 1206 is a United States Air Force form used to nominate an individual or unit for an award. This form is primarily used by supervisors, commanders, and other officials to recommend individuals who have gone above and beyond in their duties. The process of nomination involves highlighting the achievements and contributions made by the nominee which sets them apart from others.

The AF Form 1206 has specific guidelines that must be followed for proper completion. It requires detailed information on the nominee’s accomplishments along with supporting documentation such as awards, certificates of appreciation or letters of recommendation. All required fields must be completed correctly including personal details, dates, nomination category and justification.

Once submitted, the AF Form 1206 undergoes a rigorous review process before a decision is made regarding whether or not to approve it. If approved, the nominee receives recognition in the form of an award which may include medals or ribbons they can wear on their uniform in addition to accolades from fellow service members and superiors. Overall, the AF Form 1206 serves as an important tool for recognizing outstanding performance among Air Force personnel while maintaining high morale and motivation within units.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 1206?

AF Form 1206 is a nomination form that serves as a tool for acknowledging and recognizing the exceptional performance of Air Force personnel. The purpose of this form is to recognize individuals or teams who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their respective fields. It highlights notable accomplishments, such as meritorious service, heroic deeds, or outstanding leadership skills.

The AF Form 1206 is used by commanding officers to nominate deserving candidates for awards, decorations, and medals. It allows them to provide detailed information about the nominee’s contributions to the organization and their impact on mission success. The form helps standardize the recognition process and ensures that all eligible individuals are considered fairly.

In summary, AF Form 1206 plays an important role in recognizing excellence within the Air Force community. It helps identify high-performing individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to their organization’s success. By filling out this form accurately and thoroughly, commanders can give proper recognition to those who deserve it most while also motivating others to strive for similar achievements.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 1206?

If you’re looking for an AF Form 1206, there are a few places to start. Firstly, you could check with your unit’s administrative office or personnel department. They should be able to provide you with a form or direct you to where to get one. Additionally, the Air Force e-Publishing website has a PDF version of the form available for download.

Another option is to use the Virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF) system, which allows service members and authorized users to access their personnel records online. The vMPF includes electronic versions of various forms and documents, including the AF Form 1206.

If all else fails, you may want to try contacting your local Air Force base’s Public Affairs Office or Awards and Decorations Office. They should be able to assist you in obtaining the necessary form and provide guidance on how best to complete it accurately and thoroughly so that your nomination has the best chance of success.

AF Form 1206 – Nomination For Award

The AF Form 1206 is a nomination form used to recognize and reward military personnel for their outstanding achievements in the Air Force. The form is used to nominate individuals or teams for awards such as the Airman of the Quarter, Airman of the Year, or other commendations.

When filling out this form, it is crucial to provide detailed information about the nominee’s accomplishments and how they have contributed to the success of their unit or mission. The information provided should be specific and measurable, highlighting significant achievements that exceed expectations.

It is essential to ensure accuracy when filling out this form, as it will be reviewed by multiple levels of leadership before being approved. If there are any inaccuracies or missing information, it could delay or even prevent the nominee from receiving recognition for their hard work and dedication.

AF Form 1206 Example

AF Form 1206 - Nomination For Award part 1
AF Form 1206 – Nomination For Award part 1
AF Form 1206 - Nomination For Award Part 2
AF Form 1206 – Nomination For Award Part 2