AF Form 1359 – Report Of Result Of Trial

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 1359 – Report Of Result Of Trial – An individual’s formal record of a court trial is found on the AF Form 1359. This report details the result of the trial and provides important information about the case. It can be used as a source of historical information or as a tool for future reference.

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Form Number AF Form 1359
Form Title Report Of Result Of Trial
File Size 34 KB
Date 01 -11- 2000

What is a AF Form 1359?

AF Form 1359, also known as the Report of Result of Trial, is a United States Air Force document used to record the findings and sentence issued by a court-martial. This form is used in cases where charges against an individual are brought under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The form contains details about the accused, including their name, rank, and unit identification code.

The Report of Result of Trial section documents the verdict and sentence handed down by a military judge or panel. It includes information such as the charges that were proven beyond a reasonable doubt and any mitigating or aggravating factors considered during sentencing. The form must be signed by all members of the court-martial panel who participated in reaching their decision.

Once completed, AF Form 1359 becomes part of an individual’s official military record. It can impact future promotions, assignments or even result in discharge from service depending on its contents. Therefore it is extremely critical that all information recorded on this form is accurate and complete to ensure justice for both parties involved in any UCMJ case.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 1359?

AF Form 1359, also known as the Report of Result of Trial, serves an important purpose in the military justice system. This form is used to document the outcome of a trial by court-martial or summary court-martial. It provides a detailed record of the charges against a service member, the evidence presented during the trial, and the verdict reached by the court.

This form is essential for maintaining accurate records and ensuring that due process has been followed. It is used to document any punishments or disciplinary actions taken against a service member as well as any fines that may have been imposed. The AF Form 1359 serves as an official record that can be used in future legal proceedings if necessary.

In addition to being an essential tool for documenting legal proceedings, AF Form 1359 also plays a critical role in upholding military discipline and order. By providing transparency into legal proceedings and holding service members accountable for their actions, this form helps maintain high standards of conduct within the armed forces.

Where Can I Find a AF Form 1359?

AF Form 1359 – Report Of Result Of Trial, is a document used by the U.S Air Force to record the results of trials for military personnel. There are several ways to find this form. One option is through the official website of Air Force e-publishing, which offers a wide range of forms and publications that can be downloaded for free. You can search for AF Form 1359 on their website and download it in PDF format.

Another option would be to contact your local military base or unit’s legal office. They might have copies available or be able to direct you to where you can obtain one. Additionally, there are online resources that offer templates and fillable versions of the AF Form 1359 that you can customize with your own information.

It is important to note that AF Form 1359 should only be filled out by authorized personnel as it contains sensitive information related to disciplinary action taken against service members. It should also be filled out accurately and completely before being submitted for review and approval by higher authorities within the chain of command.

AF Form 1359 – Report Of Result Of Trial

The AF Form 1359 is a crucial document that records the result of court-martial trial proceedings. The form contains information about the charges, findings, and sentences handed down by military courts when trying members of the armed forces. It is designed to provide a comprehensive report that details every aspect of the trial process.

The report on this form must be submitted to higher authorities for review and approval before any sentence can be carried out. This ensures that justice is served in an appropriate manner and that all legal procedures were followed during the trial. The AF Form 1359 may also be used as evidence in future hearings or appeals.

Overall, the AF Form 1359 serves as a critical tool for maintaining transparency and accountability within the military justice system. By documenting every detail related to a court-martial proceeding, it helps ensure that those accused of crimes are given fair trials and that justice is served in accordance with established legal standards.

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AF Form 1359 - Report Of Result Of Trial
AF Form 1359 – Report Of Result Of Trial