AF Form 170 – Appointment of Vehicle Trainers

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 170 – Appointment of Vehicle Trainers – The AF Form 170, Appointment of Vehicle Trainers, is an important document used by the United States Air Force in order to appoint qualified personnel as vehicle trainers that have the expertise and experience necessary to train others in the proper use and maintenance of vehicles. This form serves to ensure that only those with the appropriate level of knowledge and qualifications are appointed as vehicle trainers within their organization. The AF Form 170 provides a comprehensive record of all information related to each individual appointed as a vehicle trainer, including their name, position, job description, training requirements, and more.

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Form Number AF Form 170
Form Title Appointment of Vehicle Trainers
File Size 2 MB
Date USCIS Forms

What is an AF Form 170?

An AF Form 170 is an official form used by the United States Air Force (USAF) to appoint one or more individuals as vehicle trainers. This form must be filled out and submitted to the appropriate USAF personnel office in order to appoint a vehicle trainer. The form includes spaces for identifying important information such as the individual’s name, rank and position, as well as details about their experience with military vehicles and qualifications for training.

The purpose of appointing a vehicle trainer is two-fold: firstly, it ensures that any personnel who are assigned to use or operate military vehicles are properly trained; secondly, it serves as evidence that proper safety protocols were followed during training and operation of military vehicles. By following this process, the USAF can ensure that all personnel operating their vehicles will do so safely and efficiently.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 170?

The Air Force Form 170, or AF Form 170, is a document used by personnel in the U.S. Air Force to appoint vehicle trainers for airmen and enlisted members of the service. This document is used to identify members who have been selected to train others on the proper procedure for operating Air Force vehicles in accordance with safety regulations and guidelines set forth by the Department of Defense (DoD). By appointing a trainer with this form, it allows the trainer to be held accountable for their training and enables them to provide effective training sessions that meet DoD standards.

This appointment form serves several important purposes. Firstly, it helps ensure that all vehicle trainers have been properly trained and certified by leaders in the service so they can best equip airmen with knowledge on how to safely operate Air Force vehicles in any environment.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 170?

The AF Form 170 is an important document for appointing vehicle trainers in the Air Force. It must be filled out correctly and completely to ensure all necessary information is included and the appointment goes smoothly.

The AF Form 170 can be found on the official Air Force website, or through a direct link from the Air Force Form Management Office (AFMO). The form should be printed in color and sent directly to the current Vehicle Management Office or Vehicle Training Instructor. There are also several other websites that contain copies of this form; however, it’s recommended to use an official source such as those mentioned above to ensure accuracy.

When filling out an AF Form 170, pay close attention to any specific instructions listed on the form itself, including any deadlines for submitting it. Once completed, send it directly to your preferred Vehicle Manager or Trainer for review and approval.

AF Form 170 – Appointment of Vehicle Trainers

The AF Form 170 is an essential document for the appointment of vehicle trainers in the United States Air Force. Vehicle trainers are responsible for providing education and instruction in all aspects of vehicle operation and safety. This form is used to identify individuals who have been appointed as vehicle trainers, their qualifications, and any additional information related to their training.

In order to be eligible for an appointment as a vehicle trainer, potential candidates must possess a valid driver’s license, complete an initial training program approved by the Air Force, and pass periodic proficiency checks administered by the appropriate organization or agency. The AF Form 170 also requires that these individuals demonstrate knowledge of basic maintenance principles and procedures associated with motor vehicles operated by the Air Force. Additionally, they must be able to provide guidance regarding safe driving practices.

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