AF Form 170B – Appointment Of Vehicle Trainers (Continued)

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 170B – Appointment Of Vehicle Trainers (Continued) – AF Form 170B is an important form used by the United States Air Force (USAF) to appoint vehicle trainers for specific training programs and duties. This form allows the USAF to provide vehicle trainers with the necessary qualifications, authorization, and access required for their job. It’s important that all vehicle trainers complete this form correctly so that their appointment can be processed successfully. In this article, we will discuss AF Form 170B in detail including its purpose, what information it contains, how to file it correctly, and more.

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Form Number AF Form 170B
Form Title Appointment Of Vehicle Trainers (Continued)
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What is an AF Form 170B?

The AF Form 170B is an official document issued by the United States Air Force that provides a standard for vehicle training. This form ensures that personnel are trained and certified to operate motor vehicles in a safe and effective manner. The form also recognizes the individual’s qualifications as a qualified trainer.

The form requires applicants to provide basic information, such as name, rank, date of birth and Social Security number. Applicants must also provide proof of completion of a mandatory state-approved driver safety course or equivalent training program. In addition, applicants must also provide proof of military service and any applicable certification from their respective command or organization related to vehicle operation qualifications and safety regulations.

Once completed, the AF Form 170B will be reviewed by local commanders for approval before being submitted for formal processing at higher levels within the Air Force chain of command.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 170B?

The Air Force Form 170B, also known as the Appointment of Vehicle Trainers form, is a document issued by the United States Air Force that appoints vehicle trainers. This form is used to assign military personnel to serve as instructors for the operation and maintenance of vehicles owned or operated by the Air Force. The purpose of this form is to ensure that all personnel responsible for training are qualified and properly trained in their respective areas.

The AF Form 170B requires trainees to provide detailed information about their qualifications, such as education and experience related to vehicle operations or maintenance. In addition, they must provide any relevant certifications or awards they may possess. This information will be used to determine whether an individual meets the minimum requirements necessary for an appointment as a trainer.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 170B?

AF Form 170B is a document used to appoint vehicle trainers for the U.S. Air Force. It can be found at the Air Force Forms Management Office website, which is managed by the Air Force Publications and Forms Agency. This website offers an online search feature where users can type in “AF Form 170B” or its title – Appointment of Vehicle Trainers – to locate the form quickly and easily.

In addition, AF Form 170B may also be available from unit supply officers, who manage forms and publications within their units. The form must then be signed by both the trainer being appointed and a higher-ranking officer before it takes effect. All copies should be kept on file; one copy is sent to the local personnel office while another should remain with the appointed trainer’s records.

AF Form 170B – Appointment Of Vehicle Trainers (Continued)

The AF Form 170B – Appointment of Vehicle Trainers (Continued) is an essential document that helps to ensure the safety and security of all U.S. Air Force personnel involved in vehicle operation. This form requires the appointing authority to designate a qualified individual to train and supervise military members who are responsible for operating vehicles owned by the U.S. Air Force or leased, loaned, or rented from another organization. The trainer must be briefed on all applicable regulations and policies as well as any applicable instructions related to vehicle operations before they may officially assume their role as trainer.

This form also calls for information about who has been appointed as the primary instructor, an alternate instructor, and any additional instructors necessary for carrying out the proper training and supervision of vehicle operators so that proper safety practices are adhered to at all times.

AF Form 170B Example

AF Form 170B - Appointment Of Vehicle Trainers (Continued)
AF Form 170B – Appointment Of Vehicle Trainers (Continued)