AF Form 527C – Shipper/Receiver’s Briefing Worksheet

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 527C – Shipper/Receiver’s Briefing Worksheet – The AF Form 527C is a critical document for shipper receivers in the United States Air Force. It outlines the details of shipping and receiving operations, from item descriptions to methods of transportation used. This important form provides an opportunity for shipper receivers to ensure that all items are properly tracked and accounted for throughout their journey. To help streamline the process, the AF Form 527C includes several sections that make it easier to keep track of shipments, including “Description of Items”, “Method/Type of Transportation”, “Special Instructions/Notes”, and more.

By completing the AF Form 527C prior to shipment or receiving items, recipients can be sure they have all the information they need regarding the transported cargo. This helps them better organize their work and prevent any issues with tracking items or filing paperwork correctly.

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Form Number AF Form 527C
Form Title Shipper/Receiver’s Briefing Worksheet
File Size 23 KB
Date 21-05-2019

What is an AF Form 527C?

AF Form 527C is a form used by the United States Air Force for shipper and receiver briefings. It contains key information about shipments, such as the type of goods being shipped, the date and time of shipment, the purpose of shipment, and any special instructions from the sender. This form is completed by both parties to ensure that goods are properly received and accounted for.

The AF Form 527C also serves as an authorization document for all personnel involved in a shipment’s movement. It outlines rules for loading/unloading shipments and names responsible individuals in receiving organizations who are authorized to accept or reject a shipment on behalf of their organization. This form helps to ensure accountability with regards to valuable government assets, while providing a powerful tool to help expedite shipments within the Air Force.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 527C?

AF Form 527C, or the Shipper Receiver’s Briefing Worksheet, is a form used by the United States Air Force (USAF) to document and facilitate the transport of cargo or personnel. The purpose of this form is to provide information about both the shipper and receiver of an item that needs to be shipped. It includes details such as pickup location, delivery location, weight and size of the item being shipped, contact information for both parties involved in the shipment process, and other essential data points. Additionally, it serves as a record of briefing instructions from both parties so each person knows what their roles are during shipping operations.

The main purpose of AF Form 527C is to ensure all proper protocols are met during transportation operations so that items arrive safely and efficiently at their destination.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 527C?

The AF Form 527C, or Shipper Receiver’s Briefing Worksheet, is a form used by the United States Air Force to ensure that proper shipping procedures are followed for materials being shipped. It is important for the shipper and receiver of these materials to fill out this form accurately in order to avoid any unnecessary delays or issues in the shipment process. The AF Form 527C can be found on the Air Mobility Command website.

The form is available as a digital download, so users can easily access it from their computer or other device. The form includes sections relating to hazardous materials information, cargo manifest details, security requirements, delivery instructions and more. Once filled out correctly and submitted through Air Mobility Command’s system, the AF Form 527C will provide all necessary information for efficient shipping process.

AF Form 527C – Shipper/Receiver’s Briefing Worksheet

AF Form 527C – Shipper Receiver’s Briefing Worksheet is a vital document used by the U.S. Air Force in conjunction with the Department of Defense to ensure that all personnel involved in the shipment or transportation of cargo are well-informed and prepared. It serves as a verification tool for those who will be responsible for handling and moving shipments, providing them with details such as weight, quantity, type of cargo, shipping origin/destination, and routing information. This form also includes important safety instructions related to hazardous materials and identifies any special instructions that must be followed during transit.

The use of AF Form 527C is essential for mission readiness since it provides personnel with an overview of the shipment so they can properly prepare for its delivery or transport.

AF Form 527C Example

AF Form 527C - Shipper/Receiver's Briefing Worksheet
AF Form 527C – Shipper/Receiver’s Briefing Worksheet