AF Form 788F – Inpatient Record (Blue)

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 788F – Inpatient Record (Blue) – AF Form 788F – Inpatient Record (Blue) is a critical form used by the United States Air Force to maintain records of inpatients. It provides important information on the patient’s hospital care, such as diagnosis, method of treatment and medication prescribed. This form is vital for military facilities to ensure proper medical care for all members. AF Form 788F is designed to help medical personnel track the progress of medical cases over time and provide a complete history for each individual patient.

Download AF Form 788F – Inpatient Record (Blue)

Form Number AF Form 788F
Form Title Inpatient Record (Blue)
File Size 278 KB
Date 21-02-2006

What is an AF Form 788F?

The AF Form 788F is a medical document used by healthcare providers in the United States Air Force. It serves as the inpatient record for military personnel who require hospitalization due to illness or injury. The form contains detailed information about the patient, including their personal details, medical history, and diagnosis.

One of the primary functions of this form is to keep track of any medications administered to patients during their hospital stay. This includes prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter medicines. The form also provides a section for documenting any allergies that the patient may have to certain medications.

In addition to medication records, the AF Form 788F also includes sections for recording vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate, laboratory test results, surgical procedures performed on the patient, and discharge planning information. Overall, this inpatient record helps ensure continuity of care for military personnel receiving medical treatment while serving their country.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 788F?

AF Form 788F is a crucial document that serves several purposes in the military healthcare system. This form is used to record an inpatient’s medical history, diagnosis, and treatment plan during their hospital stay. It provides a comprehensive overview of the patient’s health status and enables healthcare providers to make informed decisions regarding their care.

The AF Form 788F also serves as a communication tool between different healthcare professionals involved in the patient’s treatment. It allows for easy access to important medical information and ensures that all providers are aware of any changes or updates made to the patient’s condition or treatment plan.

Additionally, the AF Form 788F plays an essential role in maintaining accurate medical records for active duty service members. These records are necessary for determining fitness for duty, disability evaluations, and medical retirement proceedings. Overall, the completion of this form is critical for ensuring high-quality healthcare delivery and effective communication among healthcare professionals.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 788F?

AF Form 788F, also known as the Inpatient Record (Blue), is a medical form used by the United States Air Force. This form records and tracks an Airman’s inpatient care, including their demographics, medical history, diagnosis, treatment plans, and medication administration records. It is important for Airmen to have access to this form during their time in service and after they have separated from the military.

If you are an active-duty Airman or a veteran looking for AF Form 788F, there are several places where you can find it. The first place to look would be your nearest military medical facility or hospital. They should have copies of this form readily available for patients who require inpatient care. Additionally, you can visit the official United States Air Force Medical Service website to download a fillable PDF version of AF Form 788F.

Another option would be to contact your local Veterans Affairs (VA) office if you are no longer on active duty. They may be able to provide you with a copy of this form or direct you on where to obtain one if necessary. Overall, it is important for Airmen and veterans alike to keep track of their medical records and maintain copies of forms like AF Form 788F for future reference when needed.

AF Form 788F – Inpatient Record (Blue)

The AF Form 788F is a critical medical document that contains comprehensive information about the patient’s medical treatment and progress during their stay in an inpatient facility. The blue color of this form indicates that it is specifically for inpatient records, and it serves as a record of the patient’s diagnosis, treatment plan, medications administered, and any other relevant medical information.

One of the essential functions of the AF Form 788F is to ensure continuity of care for patients who may be treated by multiple physicians or nurses during their hospitalization. It allows healthcare providers to track changes in the patient’s condition and adjust their treatment plan accordingly. This information can also be used by doctors or specialists who may need to review past medical records when treating a patient.

Moreover, the AF Form 788F plays an important role in supporting research studies or audits aimed at improving healthcare delivery. It can provide valuable insights into patterns or trends related to specific conditions or treatments used within a particular hospital or ward. Ultimately, having accurate and complete records on this form can help improve patient outcomes while reducing errors and unnecessary tests or treatments.

AF Form 788F Example

AF Form 788F - Inpatient Record (Blue)
AF Form 788F – Inpatient Record (Blue)