AF Form 711B – USAF Mishap Report

FINDERDOC.COMAF Form 711B – USAF Mishap Report – The Air Force Form 711B, also known as the USAF Mishap Report, is a document used to document and record data related to aviation incidents and mishaps. This form is an essential part of the Air Force’s safety program and must be completed for any aircraft accident or serious incident. The information provided on this form is critical in understanding the cause of an incident and helping to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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Form Number USAF Mishap Report
Form Title Additional Liens Statement
File Size 45 KB
Date 01-11-2003

What is a AF Form 711B?

The AF Form 711B is a United States Air Force (USAF) Mishap Report. This form is used to report any incidents or accidents that occur within the USAF, including aircraft mishaps, ground accidents, and occupational injuries. It is a standard form that must be filled out by all involved parties after an incident has occurred.

The AF Form 711B is an important tool for the USAF to maintain safety standards and prevent future mishaps. The information collected on this form helps identify trends and potential hazards in order to improve safety protocols. It also serves as a record of the incident for future reference if needed.

All members of the USAF are responsible for reporting any mishap they witness or are involved in using this form. Completing an accurate and thorough AF Form 711B ensures that proper procedures are followed to minimize further damage or injury, and helps maintain a safe working environment for all members of the USAF community.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 711B?

The AF Form 711B, also known as the USAF Mishap Report, serves as a critical tool for documenting and analyzing aviation accidents. The form is used to record information related to personnel injuries or fatalities, aircraft damage or loss, and property damage. This data is then analyzed by safety officers to identify contributing factors and develop recommendations aimed at preventing future mishaps.

In addition to providing a detailed account of what occurred during an incident, the AF Form 711B helps maintain accountability in the aftermath of a mishap. This includes identifying potential sources of liability and determining whether any regulatory violations occurred that could lead to disciplinary action.

Overall, the purpose of the AF Form 711B is multifaceted – it serves as both a documentation tool for mishaps and an evaluation mechanism for safety management systems. By thoroughly documenting incidents, safety officials can identify trends and take proactive measures to prevent future accidents from occurring.

Where Can I Find a AF Form 711B?

If you need a copy of AF Form 711B, the USAF Mishap Report, there are several ways to obtain one. First, check with your unit safety office or mishap investigation board (MIB) for a blank form. They should have copies available and can assist you in completing it correctly. Additionally, the form is available online through official Air Force channels such as e-Publishing or the Air Force Safety Center’s website.

If you are unable to access an electronic copy of the form or visit your unit safety office in person, another option is to contact the Air Force Forms and Publications Management Office. This office can provide assistance in obtaining a hardcopy of the form by mail or fax.

Regardless of how you obtain the AF Form 711B, it is important that it be completed accurately and promptly following any mishap involving Air Force personnel or equipment. The information provided on this report helps identify trends and areas where improvements can be made to prevent future mishaps from occurring.

AF Form 711B – USAF Mishap Report

AF Form 711B is a critical document that plays a significant role in the United States Air Force (USAF) mishap reporting process. It is used to report any incidents or accidents involving USAF personnel, equipment, or property that result in bodily injury, death, damage to property worth $10,000 or more or destruction of an aircraft.

The AF Form 711B has several sections that must be completed accurately and thoroughly. These sections include identifying information such as the date and time of the incident and location, details about what occurred leading up to the accident or incident, specific information about the injuries sustained by personnel involved if applicable.

It is important to note that completing this form does not necessarily mean fault has been determined. The purpose of the AF Form 711B is simply to gather necessary information for further investigation into what happened and why it occurred. Therefore, it’s critical for all those involved in an incident/accident within USAF jurisdiction to take their time filling out this form with great care and attention to detail.

AF Form 711B Example

AF Form 711B - USAF Mishap Report Part 1
AF Form 711B – USAF Mishap Report Part 1
AF Form 711B - USAF Mishap Report Part 2
AF Form 711B – USAF Mishap Report Part 2