DAF Form 174 – Record Of Individual Counseling

FINDERDOC.COMDAF Form 174 – Record Of Individual Counseling – The DAF Form 174 is a useful tool for members of the United States Air Force. This form records individual counseling sessions between an Airman, their supervisor, and other non-supervisory personnel. It is a comprehensive document that captures important information about the counseling session in order to ensure the Airmen’s growth and development. The form includes sections for documenting topics discussed, goals established during the session, action plans to achieve those goals, and a summary of the counselor’s observations and advice given to the Airmen.

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Form Number DAF Form 174
Form Title Record Of Individual Counseling
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What is a DAF Form 174?

A DAF Form 174, also known as Record of Individual Counseling, is a key document used by military personnel. It serves as a permanent record tracking the individual counseling that has been provided to each service member. The form is designed to provide commanders with an accurate and timely account of their service members’ development and progress.

The DAF Form 174 consists of three main sections: the Counseling Summary Block, Outline of Discussion Block, and Signature Blocks. In the Counseling Summary Block, the counselor must provide a brief description of the counseling session including dates, topics discussed, and any advice or guidance provided. The Outline of Discussion Block contains details on what was said during the counseling session such as specific reasons for conducting it and any recommendations made by either party.

What is the Purpose of DAF Form 174?

The DAF Form 174 is a record of individual counseling. It is used to document the counseling sessions that take place between an Air Force member and their supervisor or commanding officer. The form allows supervisors and commanders to track progress made by the Air Force member, provide feedback on performance and help guide members towards success.

The primary purpose of the DAF Form 174 is to ensure that Air Force members are receiving appropriate counseling, guidance, direction and instruction in order to succeed in their careers. Through the form, supervisors and commanders are able to document issues or topics discussed during sessions as well as any action plans agreed upon. This ensures that all conversations are documented in order to hold individuals accountable for their commitments made during counseling sessions.

Where Can I Find a DAF Form 174?

One of the most important forms related to individual counseling is the Department of the Army Form (DAF) 174, also known as Record Of Individual Counseling. This form serves as a record that documents any and all counseling sessions related to a service member’s performance or misconduct. It is used by commanders, first sergeants, and other leaders in order to track potential issues and provide necessary follow-up.

Finding DAF Form 174 can be done in several ways. Service members may request a copy directly from their unit’s personnel office or from their chain of command. Additionally, it can be found on many military learning websites and can usually be downloaded for free after signing up for an account with the website. The form may also be available through official military websites like goarmyed.com and defense.gov/Forms/.

DAF Form 174 – Record Of Individual Counseling

The DAF Form 174 is a form used by the U.S. Department of the Air Force to document individual counseling sessions with military personnel. The form is designed to provide an accurate and comprehensive record of counseling sessions, giving supervisors and commanders information they need to evaluate performance and identify areas in need of improvement.

The form includes information such as date, location, identity of those present at the counseling session, type of counseling provided (positive or corrective), summary of key points discussed during the session and any follow-up actions recommended. Additionally, space is provided for a supervisor’s signature or initials upon completion which serves to verify that a counseling session did take place.

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